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Method to increase silicon nitride tensile stress using nitrogen plasma in-situ treatment and ex-situ UV cure

Stress of a silicon nitride layer may be enhanced by deposition at higher temperatures. Employing an apparatus that allows heating of a substrate to substantially greater than 400° C. (for example a heater made from ceramic rather than aluminum), the silicon nitride film as-deposited may exhibit enhanced stress allowing for improved performance of the underlying MOS transistor device. In accordance with some embodiments, a deposited silicon nitride film is exposed to curing with plasma and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, thereby helping remove hydrogen from the film and increasing film stress. In accordance with other embodiments, a silicon nitride film is formed utilizing an integrated process employing a number of deposition / curing cycles to preserve integrity of the film at the sharp corner of the underlying raised feature. Adhesion between successive layers may be promoted by inclusion of a post-UV cure plasma treatment in each cycle.

Implantable medical device for treating cardiac mechanical dysfunction by electrical stimulation

An implantable stimulator and monitor measures a group of heart failure parameters indicative of the state of heart failure employing EGM signals, measures of blood pressure including absolute pressure P, developed pressure (DP=systolic P-diastolic P), and/or dP/dt, and measures of heart chamber volume (V) over one or more cardiac cycles. These parameters include: (1) relaxation or contraction time constant tau (.tau.); (2) mechanical restitution (MR), i.e., the mechanical response of a heart chamber to premature stimuli applied to the heart chamber; (3) recirculation fraction (RF), i.e., the rate of decay of PESP effects over a series of heart cycles; and (4) end systolic elastance (E.sub.ES), i.e., the ratios of end systolic blood pressure P to volume V. These heart failure parameters are determined periodically regardless of patient posture and activity level. The physician can determine whether a particular therapy is appropriate, prescribe the therapy for a period of time while again accumulating the stored patient data for a later review and assessment to determine whether the applied therapy is beneficial or not, thereby enabling periodic changes in therapy, if appropriate. Drug therapies and electrical stimulation therapies, including PESP stimulation, and pacing therapies including single chamber, dual chamber and multi-chamber (bi-atrial and/or bi-ventricular) pacing can be delivered. In patient's prone to malignant tachyarrhythmias, the assessment of heart failure state can be taken into account in setting parameters of detection or classification of tachyarrhythmias and the therapies that are delivered.

Abrasive grain, abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same

Alpha alumina-based abrasive grain. The abrasive grain can be incorporated into abrasive products such as coated abrasives, bonded abrasives, non-woven abrasives, and abrasive brushes.

Systems and methods for power generation with exhaust gas recirculation

A power generation system includes a gas turbine system. The turbine system includes a combustion chamber configured to combust a fuel stream a compressor configured to receive a feed oxidant stream and supply a compressed oxidant to the combustion chamber and an expander configured to receive a discharge from the combustion chamber and generate an exhaust comprising carbon dioxide and electrical energy. The system further includes a retrofittable exhaust gas recirculation system including a splitter configured to split the exhaust into a first split stream and a second split stream, a heat recovery steam generator configured to receive the first split stream and generate a cooled first split stream and a purification system configured to receive the first cooled split stream and the second split stream and generate a recycle stream, wherein the recycle stream is mixed with the fresh oxidant to generate the feed oxidant stream.

Medical device suitable for use in treatment of a valve

InactiveUS20060178700A1Prevent leakageProfound clinical consequencesSuture equipmentsHeart valvesSeptal wallMedical device
A medical device (1210) comprises a generally cylindrical treatment element (1220) for location between a pair of valve leaflets (1212) situated between an atrium (1214) and a ventricle (1216) of a heart. The treatment element (1220) supports the valve leaflets (1212) at the region of co-aptation of the valve leaflets (1212) and occludes the valve opening to resist fluid flow in the retrograde direction through the valve opening. The device (1210) comprises a support (1222) to support the treatment element (1210) at the region of co-aptation of the valve leaflets (1212). The support has an anchor (1224) and a tether (1226), the tether (1226) being provided at the end of a guide wire (1228) which is initially utilised in the percutaneous insertion of the treatment element (1220). The anchor (1224) is secured, in use, to a septal wall (1230), while the guide wire (1228) exits the atrium (1214) through a vein adjacent a rear wall (1224) thereof. The treatment element (1220) includes a remotely actuatable clamp therein, in order to allow the treatment element (1220) to be secured to the guide wire (1228) or the tether (1226).

Systems and methods for controlling renovascular perfusion

InactiveUS7485104B2Reduced perfusionReduces and reverses neurohormonal activationOther blood circulation devicesMedical devicesHormoneRenovascular hypertension
Devices, systems and methods by which the real or apparent renovascular perfusion and intrarenal pressure may be selectively and controllably increased. By selectively and controllably increasing renovascular perfusion and interstitial hydrostatic pressure when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood or when renal perfusion is suboptimal, the present invention reduces or reverses neurohormonal activation and fluid retention, and thereby minimizes their deleterious effects on the heart, vasculature, kidneys and other body systems.

Dynamic annular pressure control apparatus and method

A system and method for controlling formation pressures during drilling of a subterranean formation utilizing a selectively fluid backpressure system in which fluid is pumped down the drilling fluid return system in response to detected borehole pressures. A pressure monitoring system is further provided to monitor detected borehole pressures, model expected borehole pressures for further drilling and control the fluid backpressure system.

High pressure apparatus and method for nitride crystal growth

A high pressure apparatus and related methods for processing supercritical fluids. In a specific embodiment, the present apparatus includes a capsule, a heater, at least one ceramic ring but can be multiple rings, optionally, with one or more scribe marks and / or cracks present. In a specific embodiment, the apparatus optionally has a metal sleeve containing each ceramic ring. The apparatus also has a high-strength enclosure, end flanges with associated insulation, and a power control system. In a specific embodiment, the apparatus is capable of accessing pressures and temperatures of 0.2-2 GPa and 400-1200° C., respectively.

Method and apparatus for radial exhaust gas turbine

A radial exhaust gas turbine apparatus has a gas turbine engine that includes a radial exhaust diffuser section and a casing apparatus consisting essentially of polygonal walls, substantially straight plates, and substantially straight sidewalls. The casing apparatus encloses the radial exhaust diffuser section and is configured to direct at least a substantial portion of the gas exiting the radial exhaust diffuser section to an exit in the casing apparatus via an approximately involute path.
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