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Surface desorption atmospheric chemical ionization source and method for analyzing surface desorption atmospheric chemical ionization mass spectrum

ActiveCN101201335Ahigh sensitivity
The invention discloses a normal atmosphere chemical ionization source for surface desorption of a velocitron. A capillary and a spray point arranged in the capillary constitute a reagent ion generation system. When the reagent admitted through the capillary is sprayed out from one end of the capillary, the reagent is ionized to generate ions of the reagent due to the corona discharge of a discharge electrode; the reagent ions impact specimens inside a specimen disc to ionize the specimens, and the specimen ions are admitted into the velocitron inlet capillary to be used for detection. The ionization source disclosed by the invention is equipped with a moving interface, which can be connected with common velocitrons, such as LCQ, LTQ, TSQ and so on, so that the ionization source can be upgraded and become more powerful. The invention achieves quick and sensitive measurement of complicated basal body specimens by adopting the surface desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass-spectrometric technique under the condition that sample pretreatment is not required. In addition, the invention is applicable for real-time on-line non-destructive analysis in situ during industrial or environmental course. The ion source is joined with related velocitrons, and can achieve different detection modes, such as cation detection, anion detection, free radical ion detection and so on, according to the properties of specimens.

Method used for simultaneous detection of three food-borne pathogenic bacteria based on multicolor upconversion fluorescence labeling

The invention provides a method used for simultaneous detection of three food-borne pathogenic bacteria based on multicolor upconversion fluorescence labeling. According to the method, three upconversion materials with differentiable fluorescence spectrums are used for forming multicolor upconversion fluorescent nanoprobes via respective connection with aptamers of staphylococcus aureus, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and salmonella, and complementary oligonucleotide single chains of the aptamers are connected with magnetic nanoparticles so as to form nano-composites. When bacteria to be tested are in a detection system, double chain unwinding is realized because of specific binding of the pathogenic bacteria with corresponding aptamers; it is possible to realize simultaneous quantitative determination of staphylococcus aureus, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and salmonella by monitoring upconversion fluorescence signal strength at 477nm, 550nm, and 660nm, detection linear range ranges from 50 to 1000000cfu/ml, and detection limits are 25cfu/ml, 10cfu/ml, and 15cfu/ml respectively. The method is used for detection of pathogenic bacteria, is high in sensitivity, is rapid and convenient, and can be used for detection of the three pathogenic bacteria in food such as milk and shrimp meat; and results are accurate and reliable.

Colloidal gold test strip for double-amplification system and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the field of medical clinical immediate tests, and relates to a colloidal gold test strip for a double-amplification system and a preparation method thereof. The colloidal gold test strip for the double-amplification system comprises a test strip bottom lining, and a sample pad, a polyester film coated with a gold-labeled antibody, a coating film and absorbent paper whichare lapped with and adhered to the test strip bottom lining in turn, wherein the middle part of the coating film is parallelly provided with a detection line coated with streptavidin and an F(ab)2 fragment of a monoclonal antibody of an antigen to be detected, and a control line coated with a rabbit anti-rat immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody; the F(ab)2 fragment of the monoclonal antibody of the antigen to be detected and biotin are coated in the sample pad; and the gold-labeled antibody is colloidal gold labeled protein A and the monoclonal antibody of the antigen to be detected. The test strip has the advantages of high specificity, sensitivity and detection speed, has low cost, is easy to operate, can be widely applied to the detection of the antigen to be detected, and lays a foundationfor the timely discovery and prediction and effective detection of diseases, and an instrument and equipment are not required to be used.

Preparation method and application of sinonovacula constricta enzymolysis polypeptide

The invention discloses a preparation method and application of a sinonovacula constricta enzymolysis polypeptide. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps: shelling sinonovacula constricta, washing, mincing, adding water in the material-liquid mass ratio of 1:(3-5) for homogenizing, and adjusting the pH value to 5.5-6.5; adding protease for performing enzymolysis at the temperature of 60-70 DEG C for 1.5-2.5 hours, wherein the adding amount of the protease is 0.2-0.3 percent based on the total mass of sinonovacula constricta; after enzymolysis, performing enzyme deactivation, and centrifuging to obtain supernatant serving as enzymatic hydrolysate; performing ultrafiltration, G-25 gel chromatography and reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography elution on the enzymatic hydrolysate to obtain the needed sinonovacula constricta enzymolysis polypeptide. A preparation process is simple, the obtained sinonovacula constricta enzymolysis polypeptide is high in sensitivity and stability and small in side effects, plays a remarkable role in inhibiting the proliferation of DU-145 and PC-3 cells through MTT detection, and can be applied to in-vitro resistance of prostatic cancer. The preparation method plays an important role in further researching and developing functional foods and medicaments based on the sinonovacula constricta enzymolysis polypeptide and increasing the economical value of the sinonovacula constricta.
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