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Resource management method of data center based on statistic model in cloud computing environment

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The invention relates to a resource management method cluster of a data center based on the statistics in cloud computing environment, which comprises four steps of: 1. collecting work loads, application problem performance and resource use condition information; 2. inputting the information into a model and carrying out model analysis by using a statistic analysis method KCCA (Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis) and remote-distance relative algorithm; 3. classifying work modes according to the current environment, and regulating the resource distribution according to control parameters; and 4. regulating the resource distribution according to the controller output and simultaneously updating the resource states. The resource management method of the invention firstly considers the characteristic that the work loads of the novel data center in the cloud computing environment are continuously changed, the real-time monitoring and the elastic management are carried out on the resources of the data center according to user requirements and the resource use conditions to ensure that the integral resource consumption can reach the minimum under the condition that the system performance is not influenced. The resource management method has wide practical value and application prospects in the technical field of elastic resource management of the cloud computing data center.
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