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Communication terminal and communication switching method

A switch instruction is transmitted from a PC terminal (105) to a portable PC terminal (107) (S302); the portable PC terminal (107) transmits a switch connection request to a portable communication terminal (102) on the other end of communication (S306); the portable PC terminal (107), when it is waiting for a response to the switch connection request and receives a switch connection request from the other end of communication, detects that switching processes are being performed simultaneously (S312); upon detection of the simultaneous switching, a switching session related to either switch connection request is determined to be continued (S314 and S315); the portable PC terminal (107), which received the switch connection request to which the switching session determined to be continued was related, transmits a success response including information on the switching process of the portable PC terminal (107) side (S316 and S319); and the PC terminal 101, which received the switch connection request to which the one to be stopped was related, transmits a failure response (S317 and S318). This allows switching to be carried out with quick and not many procedures in both end communication terminals performing multimedia communication with each other.

Universal asynchronous serial extended chip of multi-bus interface

The utility model discloses a multi-bus interface extended chip with general asynchronous serial ports, comprising a host interface, a subchannel processing module, a MODEM control logic module, an interrupt control logic module and a clock generator. The utility model is characterized in that the host interface comprises a 8-bit parallel bus interface, a serial peripheral interface SPI bus interface, a UART bus interface, an internal integrated circuit bus I2C bus interface, a protocol processor, a global register and a mode selection control logic module, wherein the four bus interfaces are all connected with the CPU/DSP host and the bus type corresponding the host is selected through the bus processing logic, in addition, the data and the conversion of data format are processed through the bus processing logic. The working state of the host interface of the chip is setup by the global register and the mode selection, the mode selection control logic module selects the host interface and the signal line through mode. The utility model supports 8-bit parallel bus, SPI bus, I2C, UART and other host bus interfaces, realizes a plurality of extended serial ports for buses, besides, the utility model has compact and perfect configuration register structure and enables multi-working modes set of the sub serial ports independently, and supports high-speed communication, and each channel has independent and controllable data broadcasting and receiving function, and all UARTs support IRDA infrared communication.

Chinese environment-oriented complex scene text positioning method

The invention discloses a Chinese environment-oriented complex scene text positioning method, which mainly solves the problem that scene text positioning in a complex background has a high false alarm rate in the prior art. In the method, the advantages of an edge-based text positioning method and a texture-based text positioning method are combined, and edge features and texture features are combined by stages. The method comprises the following steps of: detecting a text area by using the edge features, namely performing edge extraction and binarization processing on a down-sampled color image, connecting the edges of characters to form a block through morphological operation, extracting the features of each communicated domain, and removing a great number of non-character communicated domains by using a cascaded threshold classifier to acquire candidate character communicated domains; and extracting the texture features of the candidate character communicated domains, and further judging whether the candidate character communicated domains are character communicated domains or not by using a back propagation (BP) network classifier. The method has the advantages of high text positioning accuracy and high speed under the conditions of complex illumination and backgrounds, and can be used for text automatic extraction and identification in a complex scene.

Conversation maintaining method and device

The invention provides a conversation maintaining method and device. According to the conversation maintaining method and device, a conversation maintaining identification is set for a client side through load balancing equipment, the conversation maintaining identification is sent to the client side through an HTTP redirected response message which contains the conversation maintaining identification, the client side carries a conversation maintaining message in a subsequent HTTP request message, the load balancing equipment sends the HTTP request message to a corresponding server according to the correspondence between the conversation maintaining identification which is locally stored and servers so that HTTP request messages containing the same conversation maintaining identification can be sent to the same server, then conversation maintaining is achieved, and the server sends an HTTP response message to the load balancing equipment after receiving the HTTP request message. According to the conversation maintaining method and device, due to the fact that the HTTP response message can be directly transmitted to the client side by the load balancing equipment, the correspondence between the conversation maintaining identification and the server can be obtained without the need of analyzing each HTTP response message sent by the server. Accordingly, burden of the load balancing equipment is relieved, and processing capacity is improved.

System for omnidirectionally monitoring health and actions of old people

The invention relates to a system for omnidirectionally monitoring health and actions of old people, mainly comprising a plurality of parts, such as a human body posture monitor, a health characteristic collector, a signal transmission device, a locating system, an automatic alarming device and a signal processing system and the like, wherein the human body posture monitor, the health characteristic collector and the signal transmission device are carried with the old people. The human body posture monitor and the health characteristic collector which are carried with the old people are in touch with the signal processing system through the signal transmission device; various types of postures of the old people are simulated and reproduced on a computer; and health situations of the old people are recorded and stored in an information manner. The locating system monitors the locations of the old people who have activities outdoors. When the posture monitor detects that the old people have dangerous actions, such as tumbling and the like, or the health characteristic collector collects abnormal health characteristics of the old people, the automatic alarming system starts and emits an alarm to the family or an emergence centre. The system provided by the invention is mainly used for monitoring the health of the old people in real time and helping single old people to give an alarm in case of sudden illness or accidents.

Vehicle lane charging assisting system

The invention provides a vehicle lane charging assisting system and relates to a vehicle. The assisting system comprises an audio capturing unit, a video capturing unit, a radar capturing unit, a local vehicle information obtaining unit, a processor and a man-machine interaction terminal, wherein the audio capturing unit is used for obtaining audio information sent by a surrounding vehicle of a local vehicle; the video capturing unit is used for obtaining image information of videos around the local vehicle; the radar capturing unit is used for obtaining the position information of the distance and speed, relative to the local vehicle, of the surrounding vehicle; the local vehicle information obtaining unit is used for obtaining the information of the local vehicle in a driving state; the processor fuses and analyzes the audio information, the image information, the position information and the information of the local vehicle, predicts a traveling track of the local vehicle and a traveling track of the surrounding vehicle and judges whether the local vehicle and the surrounding vehicle have a collision risk or not; and the man-machine interaction terminal is used for sending collision warnings to a driver. Therefore, the burden of the driver is greatly reduced, and safety of the local vehicle in the lane changing process is effectively ensured.

Cross-platform middleware device of mobile terminal equipment and implementation method of cross-platform middleware device of mobile terminal equipment

ActiveCN104572042AAvoid duplication of developmentReduce the burden onSpecific program execution arrangementsWeb technologyScripting language
The invention provides a cross-platform middleware device of mobile terminal equipment and an implementation method of the cross-platform middleware device of the mobile terminal equipment. The device mainly comprises a system layer unit for providing a cross-platform API which is used for mobile terminal equipment and accessing the mobile terminal equipment through the cross-platform API, an application layer unit which is used for building and storing cross-platform UI components through a hypertext markup language, a style file and a script language, rendering standard UI components into primary ecological components meeting the operating system used by the mobile terminal equipment according to the system parameters of the current operating system used by the mobile terminal equipment and platform parameters of a development platform and displaying the primary ecological UI components. The cross-platform middleware device disclosed by the invention shields the complexity of operating system APIs of various mobile terminal equipment, provides a complete supporting environment for the mobile terminal, can be quickly developed by using Web technology, and simultaneously obtains styles and user experience approximate to primary application so as to avoid repeated development, and the developers do not need learning different development languages.
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