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What is Computerized System. 1. A system that includes software, hardware, application software, operating system software, supporting documentation, e.g. automated laboratory systems, control systems, manufacturing, clinical, or compliance monitoring database systems, etc… Learn more in: A Practical Approach to Computerized System Validation.

Content display monitor

The invention can enable monitoring of the display of content by a computer system. Moreover, the invention can enable monitoring of the displayed content to produce monitoring information from which conclusions may be deduced regarding the observation of the displayed content by an observer. The invention can also enable monitoring of the display at a content display site of content that is provided by a content provider site over a network to the content display site. Additionally, the invention can enable the expeditious provision of updated and/or tailored content over a network from a content provider site to a content display site so that the content provider's current and appropriately tailored content is always displayed at the content display site. Aspects of the invention related to transfer of content over a network are generally applicable to any type of network. However, it is contemplated that the invention can be particularly useful with a computer network, including private computer networks (e.g., America Online TM ) and public computer networks (e.g., the Internet). In particular, the invention can be advantageously used with computer networks or portions of computer networks over which video and/or audio content are transferred from one network site to another network site for observation, such as the World Wide Web portion of the Internet.

Information Infrastructure Management Tools with Extractor, Secure Storage, Content Analysis and Classification and Method Therefor

The present invention is a method of organizing and processing data in a distributed computing system. The invention is also implemented as a computer program on a computer medium and as a distributed computer system. Software modules can be configured as hardware. The method and system organizes select content which is important to an enterprise operating said distributed computing system. The select content is represented by one or more predetermined words, characters, images, data elements or data objects. The computing system has a plurality of select content data stores for respective ones of a plurality of enterprise designated categorical filters which include content-based filters, contextual filters and taxonomic classification filters, all operatively coupled over a communications network. A data input is processed through at least one activated categorical filter to obtain select content, and contextually associated select content and taxonomically associated select content as aggregated select content. The aggregated select content is stored in the corresponding select content data store. A data process from the group of data processes including a copy process, a data extract process, a data archive process, a data distribution process and a data destruction process is associated with the activated categorical filter and the method and system applies the associated data process to a further data input based upon a result of that further data being processed by the activated categorical filter utilizing the aggregated select content data.

Method and system for gesture category recognition and training using a feature vector

A computer implemented method and system for gesture category recognition and training. Generally, a gesture is a hand or body initiated movement of a cursor directing device to outline a particular pattern in particular directions done in particular periods of time. The present invention allows a computer system to accept input data, originating from a user, in the form gesture data that are made using the cursor directing device. In one embodiment, a mouse device is used, but the present invention is equally well suited for use with other cursor directing devices (e.g., a track ball, a finger pad, an electronic stylus, etc.). In one embodiment, gesture data is accepted by pressing a key on the keyboard and then moving the mouse (with mouse button pressed) to trace out the gesture. Mouse position information and time stamps are recorded. The present invention then determines a multi-dimensional feature vector based on the gesture data. The feature vector is then passed through a gesture category recognition engine that, in one implementation, uses a radial basis function neural network to associate the feature vector to a pre-existing gesture category. Once identified, a set of user commands that are associated with the gesture category are applied to the computer system. The user commands can originate from an automatic process that extracts commands that are associated with the menu items of a particular application program. The present invention also allows user training so that user-defined gestures, and the computer commands associated therewith, can be programmed into the computer system.

Secure interactive electronic account statement delivery system

The present invention consists of a secure interactive electronic account statement delivery system suitable for use over open networks such as the Internet. The invention utilizes a certification hierarchy to insure that electronic bills, invoices, and other account statements can be securely sent over open networks. The participants in the system are a certification authority, certificated banks, billers, and customers. The certification authority grants digital certificates to the certificated banks, which in turn grant digital certificates to billers and customers. Digital certificates form the basis for encryption and authentication of network communications, using public and private keys. The certificates associate a customer and biller with a certificated bank and with the electronic billing system, much like payment cards associate a customer with a payment card issuer and a particular payment card system. Digital signatures are used for authentication and non-repudiation. The certificates may be stored as digital data on storage media of a customer's or biller's computer system, or may be contained in integrated circuit or chip cards physically issued to billers and customers. The electronic bill itself may be a simple text message containing the equivalent of summary information for the bill, or may be more elaborate. In one embodiment of the invention, the electronic bill contains a number of embedded links, for example an embedded URL of a biller's world wide web server that allows the customer to interactively bring up detailed billing information by activating the link. The e-mail message may also include links to third party websites.

System and method for monitoring and controlling remote devices

The present system is directed to a computerized system for monitoring and controlling remote devices by transmitting data between the remote systems and a gateway interface via a packet message protocol system. The system comprises one or more remote sensors to be read and possibly one or more actuators to be remotely controlled. The remote sensor(s)/actuator(s) then interface with uniquely identified remote transceivers that transmit and/or receive data. If necessary in individual applications, signal repeaters may relay information between the transceiver(s) and the gateway interface. Communication links between the remote transceivers and the gateway interface are preferably wireless but may also be implemented via a mixture of wireless and wired communication links. To successfully communicate between the transceiver(s) and the gateway interface, the present invention receives a plurality of RF signal transmissions containing a packet protocol via RF signals that includes sender and receiver identifiers, a description of the packet itself, a message number, any commands, the data, and an error detector. In addition, the packet protocol can be easily integrated with alternate data communication protocols for use with systems other than the Internet.

Card dispensing shoe with scanner apparatus, system and method therefor

The present invention is directed to a playing card dispensing shoe apparatus, system and method wherein the shoe has a card scanner which scans the indicia on a playing card as the card moves along and out of a chute of the shoe by operation of the dealer. The scanner comprises an optical-sensor used in combination with a neural network which is trained using error back-propagation to recognize the card suits and card values of the playing cards as they are moved past the scanner. The scanning process in combination with a central processing unit (CPU) determines the progress of the play of the game and, by identifying card counting systems or basic playing strategies in use by the players of the game, provides means to limit or prevent casino losses and calculate the Theoretical Win of the casino, thus also providing an accurate quality method of the amount of comps to be given a particular player. The shoe is also provided with additional devices which make it simple and easy to access, record and display other data relevant to the play of the game. These include means for acconunodating a "customer-tracking card" which reads each player's account information from a magnetic stripe on the card, thus providing access to the player's customer data file stored on the casino's computer system, and one or more alpha-numeric keyboards and LCD displays used to enter and retrieve player and game information. Also included are keyboards on the game table so that each player can individually select various playing or wagering options using their own keyboard.
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