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Apparatus and methods for transferring database objects into and out of database systems

Techniques for transferring objects between database systems. As implemented in a relational database management system, the techniques employ a data transfer mechanism that operates under control of a master table in the RDBMS that is performing the transfer operation. The master table specifies the kind of transfer operation to be performed, a set of objects to be transferred, operations to be performed on the objects as they are being transferred, and filters for selecting a subset of the objects. During execution of the transfer, the transfer mechanism maintains and updates state in the master table such that queries may be made on the master table to determine the current status of the operation and such that the transfer mechanism may restart the operation after it has been stopped either at the request of a client that is performing the operation or because of an error in the transfer. The master table's persistence and the status information it contains permit the client that is performing the operation to detach from the operation without stopping the operation and later again attach to the operation to determine the operation's status or to perform operations such as creating new files for the operation or changing the degree of parallelism with which the transfer operation is being performed. Another feature of the transfer mechanism is using an object's metadata to determine the most efficient way of transferring the object.

Method and system for automatically transitioning of configuration settings among computer systems

A method and system for automatically transitioning configuration settings among computer systems. Multiple configuration settings comprising a computer “personality” are located on a source computing system using multiple transition rules from a personality object. The computer personality includes customization choices, data files, electronic mail, system preferences, application customization choices, the network environment, browser information, etc. The configuration settings are extracted from multiple locations on the source computing system. The multiple extracted configuration settings are stored in a pre-determined transition format. The multiple extracted configuration settings are manipulated. A transition package is created from the multiple manipulated configuration settings. The transition package includes the multiple manipulated configuration settings. The transition package is sent to a target computing system. The transition package is infused on the target computing system to automatically transition configuration settings from the source computing system to the target computing system. The method and system may vastly reduce transition, configuration and deployment times for service providers, corporations, and end-users when a new computing system is deployed.
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