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Providing services for an information processing system using an audio interface

A method and system for providing efficient menu services for an information processing system that uses a telephone or other form of audio user interface. In one embodiment, the menu services provide effective support for novice users by providing a full listing of available keywords and rotating house advertisements which inform novice users of potential features and information. For experienced users, cues are rendered so that at any time the user can say a desired keyword to invoke the corresponding application. The menu is flat to facilitate its usage. Full keyword listings are rendered after the user is given a brief cue to say a keyword. Service messages rotate words and word prosody. When listening to receive information from the user, after the user has been cued, soft background music or other audible signals are rendered to inform the user that a response may now be spoken to the service. Other embodiments determine default cities, on which to report information, based on characteristics of the caller or based on cities that were previously selected by the caller. Other embodiments provide speech concatenation processes that have co-articulation and real-time subject-matter-based word selection which generate human sounding speech. Other embodiments reduce the occurrences of falsely triggered barge-ins during content delivery by only allowing interruption for certain special words. Other embodiments offer special services and modes for calls having voice recognition trouble. The special services are entered after predetermined criterion have been met by the call. Other embodiments provide special mechanisms for automatically recovering the address of a caller.

Method and Apparatus for Defending Against Zero-Day Worm-Based Attacks

InactiveUS20080098476A1Curb workloadEliminate usual spam and other simple attackMemory loss protectionError detection/correctionData packOperational system
Honey pots are used to attract computer attacks to a virtual operating system that is a virtual instantiation of a typical deployed operational system. Honey nets are a collection of these virtual systems assembled to create a virtual network. The subject system uses a forward deployed honey net combined with a parallel monitoring system collecting data into and from the honey net, leveraging the controlled environment to identify malicious behavior and new attacks. This honey net/monitoring pair is placed ahead of the real deployed operational network and the data it uncovers is used to reconfigure network protective devices in real time to prevent zero-day based attacks from entering the real network. The forward network protection system analyzes the data gathered by the honey pots and generates signatures and new rules for protection that are coupled to both advanced perimeter network security devices and to the real network itself so that these devices can be reconfigured with threat data and new rules to prevent infected packets from entering the real network and from propagating to other machines. Note the subject system applies to both zero-day exploit-based worms and also manual attacks conducted by an individual who is leveraging novel attack methods.
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