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Multimedia surveillance and monitoring system including network configuration

A comprehensive, wireless multimedia surveillance and monitoring system provides a combination of megapixel digital camera capability with full motion video surveillance with a network, including network components and appliances such as wiring, workstations, and servers with the option of geographical distribution with various wide area carriers. The full service, multi-media surveillance system is capable of a wide range of monitoring techniques utilizing digital network architecture and is adapted for transmitting event data, video and / or image monitoring information, audio signals and other sensor and detector data over significant distances using digital data transmission over a LAN, wireless LAN, Intranet or Internet for automatic assessment and response including dispatch of response personnel. Both wired and wireless appliance and sensor systems may be employed. GPS dispatching is used to locate and alert personnel as well as to indicate the location of an event. Automatic mapping and dispatch permits rapid response. The wireless LAN connectivity permits local distribution of audio, video and image data over a relatively high bandwidth without requirement of a license and without relying on a common carrier and the fees associated therewith. The surveillance system may be interfaced with a WAN (wide area Network) or the Internet for providing a worldwide, low cost surveillance system with virtually unlimited geographic application. Centralized monitoring stations have access to all of the surveillance data from various remote locations via the Internet or the WAN. A server provides a centralized location for data collection, alarm detection and processing, access control, dispatch processing, logging functions and other specialized functions. The server may be inserted virtually anywhere in the Intranet / Internet network. The topology of the network will be established by the geographic situation of the installation. Appropriate firewalls may be set up as desired. The server based system permits a security provider to have access to the appliance and sensor and surveillance data or to configure or reconfigure the system for any station on the network.

Video surveillance, storage, and alerting system having network management, hierarchical data storage, video tip processing, and vehicle plate analysis

The present invention is a video surveillance, storage, and alerting system having surveillance cameras, video analytics devices, audio sensory devices, other sensory devices, and a plurality of data storage devices. A network management module monitors network status of all subsystems including cameras, servers, storage devices, etc. and shows actively monitored areas on a physical map. A vehicle information module retrieves information from a law enforcement database about vehicles detected in the video data based on the vehicle's license plate, including information about stolen vehicles, as well as warrant, wanted person, and mug shot information for registered drivers of the vehicles. Video tips are received and processed from anonymous and non-anonymous sources. A correlation engine correlates primitive events and compound events from each of the subsystems, weighted by attributes of the events, across both space and time, and an alerting engine generates alerts and performs actions based on the correlation. A hierarchical storage manager manages storage of the vast amounts of data, including video data, based on importance of the data calculated from attributes of the data. A privacy filter ensures no private data is detected, correlated, or stored.

Smart Video Surveillance System Ensuring Privacy

This invention describes a video surveillance system which is composed of three key components 1—smart camera(s), 2—server(s), 3—client(s), connected through IP-networks in wired or wireless configurations. The system has been designed so as to protect the privacy of people and goods under surveillance. Smart cameras are based on JPEG 2000 compression where an analysis module allows for efficient use of security tools for the purpose of scrambling, and event detection. The analysis is also used in order to provide a better quality in regions of the interest in the scene. Compressed video streams leaving the camera(s) are scrambled and signed for the purpose of privacy and data integrity verification using JPSEC compliant methods. The same bit stream is also protected based on JPWL compliant methods for robustness to transmission errors. The operations of the smart camera are optimized in order to provide the best compromise in terms of perceived visual quality of the decoded video, versus the amount of power consumption. The smart camera(s) can be wireless in both power and communication connections. The server(s) receive(s), store(s), manage(s) and dispatch(es) the video sequences on wired and wireless channels to a variety of clients and users with different device capabilities, channel characteristics and preferences. Use of seamless scalable coding of video sequences prevents any need for transcoding operations at any point in the system.

Intelligent visual sensor network moving target relay tracking system based on GPS (global positioning system) and GIS (geographic information system)

InactiveCN102724482ARealize manual judgmentRealize intelligent monitoring relay trackingTelevision system detailsInstruments for road network navigationVideo monitoringVideo sequence
The invention discloses an intelligent visual sensor network moving target relay tracking system based on a GPS (global positioning system) and a GIS (geographic information system). The intelligent visual sensor network moving target relay tracking system comprises a plurality of monitoring camera shooting unit, each monitoring camera shooting unit comprises a monitoring camera, a GPS receiving positioning module and a wired/wireless communication module are embedded into or disposed in each monitoring camera shooting unit, each monitoring camera shooting unit is used for acquiring video sequences in a monitoring area, and each wired/wireless communication module is used for transmitting the video sequences to a monitoring center via a wired or wireless digital communication network. The monitoring center comprises a wired/wireless communication module, a target analysis module, a relay tracking scheduling module, a relay tracking network generation module, a database server, a display interactive module and the GIS. The intelligent visual sensor network moving target relay tracking system can achieve independent discovery, real-time positioning and relay tracking of movable suspicious targets, integrally display monitoring videos of the targets on an electronic map and achieve multiple functions of emergency linkage, video monitoring, scheduling commanding and the like.

Video internet video monitoring method and system, protocol conversion server, and video internet server

The embodiment of the invention provides a video internet video monitoring method and system, a protocol conversion server and a video internet server, and aims to solve the problem that shortage of staff in a monitoring center results in negligence in viewing monitoring video signals and causes potential safety hazards. The method includes: the protocol conversion server after powering on and initialization is connected with the video network server; a data request including authentication information is sent to a monitoring front-end, and a monitoring video data packet sent by the monitoring front-end is received; the monitoring video data packet is converted into a video network video data packet including path information; and according to the path information, the video network video data packet is through the video network uploaded to the video network server, wherein the video network server is used to send the video network video data packet to a corresponding channel of a digital TV set top box. According to the invention, the staff not belonging to the monitoring center are enabled to watch the monitoring video through the digital television, so that the problem that the shortage of staff in the monitoring center results in negligence in viewing monitoring video signals and causes potential safety hazards is avoided.
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