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Systems and methods for performing discrete data replication

Systems and methods for performing intelligent replication of production data on a source storage device. In certain examples, a full backup of the production data is first performed and stored on a destination system. A journal module on the storage device (e.g., a shared storage device), or on at least one source system, tracks files on the storage device that change during a particular period of time. Following this period, a snapshot is taken of the production data. Upon mounting the snapshot, the replication system uses the journal information to identify modified files, conduct a block-level comparison of only the modified files with corresponding files on the destination system, and identify the particular data blocks that changed. The replication system then replicates only the changed blocks to the destination system. Certain systems further store information indicating a source system time of a known good state of the production data.

System and method for use and storage of geographic data on physical media

InactiveUS7197500B1Facilitates and enhances and access of dataFacilitates and enhances useInstruments for road network navigationData processing applicationsGeographic featureData mining
An improved method and system for storage of data that represent geographic features in a region. The data are organized into parcels each of which contains data that represent those geographic features that are located within a separate one of a plurality of rectangular areas into the region is divided. The method identifies linearly extending features that extend across multiple rectangular areas so that data representing the linearly extending feature can be included in each parcel that contains data that represents a rectangular area in which the linearly extending feature extends at least in part.

Apparatus for evaluating biological function

The present invention provides an apparatus for evaluating biological function that, in differentiating as far as possible information from the capillaries, which reflects tissue metabolism, from information from outside the tissue (for example, the arteries and veins), has high speed and accuracy enabling it to compensate for the low spatial resolution of conventional near infrared spectroscopy methods, and that furthermore does not merely monitor changes in oxygen concentration and the like, but makes it possible to easily and conveniently distinguish between capillary reactions, metabolic reactions and the like; its configuration is characterized in that it provides a light irradiation means for irradiating light to a specified site of a living body, a light detection means for detecting light exiting from the living body, a calculation means for determining the respective changes in concentration of oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxygenated hemoglobin by performing calculations in near infrared spectroscopy with the intensity of the detected light as a parameter, and a display means for displaying information concerning the relative ratio “k” between both these data over time.

System, apparatus, and method providing cache data mirroring to a data storage system

The invention provides a system structure, method and computer program product for mirroring cache data from a first controller to an alternate controller in a data storage system, where the data storage system is being managed by the controllers in dual active configuration and the first and alternate controllers are also connected to a system drive that includes one or more disk storage devices and the first controller is connected to a first memory, and the alternate controller is connected to a second memory where each controller has an identical memory layout, and a cache line descriptor data structure defined therein and the cache line descriptor data structure is used by each respective controller to track data mirrored by the controller to a memory connected to an alternate controller and the cache line descriptor data structure includes information for reducing the amount of data mirrored to an alternate controller for secondary cache data mirror operations on same originating cache data with respect to a particular cache line and additionally, the cache line descriptor data structure includes information for coalescing multiple cache data mirror operations corresponding to a particular cache line into a single cache mirror operation to the alternate controller.

System and method for keyword extraction

A computer-implemented system and method for keyword extraction are disclosed. The system in an example embodiment includes a keyword extraction component to extract relevant keywords from content of a web page, to identify items relevant to the extracted keywords, and to rank the relevant items.

System and method for processing syndication information for a mobile device

ActiveUS20060217126A1Reduce processing requirementReadily processTelevision system detailsError preventionMobile deviceEngineering
A system and method for processing syndication information for a mobile device that includes: identifying a plurality of syndication servers to which a user of the mobile device subscribes; polling, at a first predetermined interval, the plurality of syndication servers to determine if syndication information on each the syndication server has been updated; if the syndication information has been updated, requesting and receiving updated syndication information; adapting the updated syndication information into a predetermined format, and sending the adapted syndication information to the mobile device. The sending of the adapted syndication information may also be performed at a predetermined interval. The predetermined format preferably uses less data and requires less processing than the original format.

Data buffer store method and system at duster environment

This invention discloses a data buffer storing method and a system under cluster environment, in which, the method includes: a customer end sends a data calling request, a server enquires if there are data to be called in the loca buffer storage, if not, it enquires the database, if so, it judges if the buffer storage data are invalid, if not, it returns the data result to the customer end directly, if so, it enquires the database to return the result to the customer end and writes it in the buffer storage, therefore, it guarantees that the data result to the customer end by the server is the newest and the method will not break the character of cluster technology.
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