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Data storage is a method of operating a computer system having memory for storing and retrieving information concerning a subject, which comprises the following.

Threat early warning and monitoring system and method based on big data analysis and deployment architecture

ActiveCN107196910ARealize acquisitionRealize multi-dimensional graphical and intuitive displayData switching networksFull text searchTime processing
The invention discloses a threat early warning and monitoring system and method based on big data analysis and a deployment architecture. The system comprises a data acquisition system module, which is used for carrying out real-time data acquisition on original network traffic; a data storage system module, which is used for carrying out data merging and data cleaning on the data collected by the data acquisition system module, and then, carrying out storage management; a real-time threat intelligent analysis system module, which is used for carrying out deep analysis and mining on security data through data mining, text analysis, traffic analysis, full-text search engine and real-time processing, and identifying unknown security threats in real time by combining an intrusion detection module, a network abnormal behavior module and a device abnormal behavior module; and a situation awareness display system module, which is used for carrying out comprehensive display on security threat situations stereoscopically in real time through a data visualization tool library. The threat early warning and monitoring system and method based on big data analysis and the deployment architecture are used for network security threat situation awareness and deep analysis under a plurality of service scenarios, and realize comprehensive abilities from attack early warning, attack identification to analysis and evidence obtaining.

Method, system, and program for recovery from a failure in an asynchronous data copying system

InactiveUS20050071708A1Application downtime is minimizedMemory loss protectionUnauthorized memory use protectionRecovery methodDevice form
A method of recovery from a data storage system failure in a data storage system having a host computer writing data updates to a local storage controller at a local site. The local controller is associated with a local storage device. The local storage controller is also configured to asynchronously copy the updates to a remote storage controller associated with a remote storage device at a remote site. In addition, the remote storage controller is configured to store a consistent point in time copy of the updates on a backup storage device. The consistent point in time copy is known as a consistency group. Upon detection of a failure associated with the local site, a determination is made whether a group of updates pending for storage on the backup storage device form an intact consistency group. If an intact consistency group has not formed, corrective action may be taken to create an intact consistency group. The recovery method further consists of synchronizing the remote storage device, initiating recovery operations and, upon recovery of the local site, resynchronization of the local storage device and the backup storage device to recovery consistency group without the need for full volume storage copies and while minimizing application downtime.
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