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Method and apparatus for controlling file sharing of multimedia files over a fluid, de-centralized network

Communication is established between a first client and a central index server in a fluid, de-centralized network. The central index server searches the memory of the first client for usable data files which lack authentication certificates issued by the central index server. A data-file identifier is generated for a first data file among the select files lacking authentication certificates within the first client. The data-file identifier is compared to a reliable identifier in a main data base of the central index server. The reliable identifier is indexed within the main data base against a first unique reference ID. If the data-file identifier matches the reliable identifier, a valid authentication certificate is issued to the first data file in the first client. An IP address of the first client is then referenced against the first unique reference ID within the main data base of the central index server. When file request is received from a second client for a file represented by the first unique reference ID, a connection is facilitated between the first client and the second client so that the authenticated first multimedia data file can be transferred from the first client to the second client. If the data-file identifier does not match the reliable identifier within the data base, no authentication certificate is issued, and the first data-file identifier is systematically compared against a remaining plurality of identifiers within the main data base of the central index server to determine its true identity.

Method of universal file access for a heterogeneous computing environment

An architecture and system are described that provide a unified file access service within in a managed computing environment composed of diverse networks, computing devices, and storage devices. The service provides mechanisms for remotely accessing the file systems of any managed computer or disk snapshot, independently of the computer's current state (powered on, suspended or powered off), its location within the environment, its hardware type (virtual vs. physical), its operating system type, and its file system formats. The system isolates centralized FPAs from the details of clients, proxies and storage elements by providing a service that decomposes offloaded file system access into two steps. A FPA or a requester acting on behalf of the FPA first expresses the disk set or the computer containing the file systems it wishes to access, along with requirements and preferences about the access method. The service figures out an efficient data path satisfying the FPA's needs; and then automatically configures a set of storage and computing resources to provide the data path. The service then replies with information about the resources and instructions for using them. The FPA then accesses the requested file systems using the returned information.
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