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System, method, and computer program product for providing location based services and mobile e-commerce

A system, method, apparatus and computer program product for providing location based functions and mobile e-commerce comprising a central processing unit including a processor, a storage device, and programming stored in the storage device, a display device, an audio input device, an audio output device, a communications module, a commerce module, an image module, and a location module. The programming controls the operation of the present invention to provide functions based on location data, to facilitate commercial exchanges by wirelessly exchanging payment and product information with venders, to identify services such as venders meeting selection criteria, to wirelessly exchange select information with other users and systems, to restrict and / or monitor the use of the device based on authorized user parameters, selecting one of a plurality networks through which to communicate, detecting a trigger for performing an action based on a change in location and sensed data, storing a voice annotation with a computer data file, determining service providers and associated communication parameters, contemporaneously maintaining a wireless voice and data link, providing a system for selecting and delivering mobile advertisements, and many other functions and services that are described herein.

Virtual ports for data transferring of a data storage system

A storage controller has at least one physical data port for a data network including host processors. The storage controller is programmed to provide a plurality of virtual ports for access to storage, and a virtual switch for routing storage access requests from the physical port to the virtual ports. The virtual ports and the virtual switch are defined by software. The virtual ports appear to the hosts as physical ports in the data network. For example, in a Fiber-Channel network, the virtual ports have World Wide Names (WWNs) and are assigned temporary addresses (S_Ds), and the virtual switch provides a name server identifying the WWNs and S_IDs of the virtual ports. For convenient partitioning of storage among host processors, one or more virtual ports are assigned to each host, and a set of storage volumes are made accessible from each virtual port. A host can access storage at a virtual port only if the virtual port has been assigned to the host. Preferably, storage can be accessed through each virtual port by no more than one assigned host, although a shared volume may be accessible from more than one virtual port. The storage controller may provide a service for reporting to a host the virtual ports through which the host can access storage, and the storage volumes that are accessible to the host through each of the virtual ports.

Personalized interactive digital catalog profiling

An interactive and enhanced digital Instant Catalog of products, services, and information that is personalized or personally profiled, to each unique user of the catalog. The catalog instantly and intelligently captures, stores, manages, and processes self-selected, reusable and "re-distributable" catalog groupings anonymously, for personalizing, enhancing, monitoring, tracking, and peer sharing through multiple mediums and platforms by intelligent agents for a variety of user and vendor specified purposes. The personally profiled cataloged information can be viewed instantaneously and simultaneously by each effected component or member of a supply chain, at the time the product or service has been cataloged, without identifying the cataloger. The user, who preferably employs a Web browser over the Internet, personalizes the interactively produced intelligent catalog content. Products, services, and information groupings are digitally captured and stored by an intelligent catalog agent for enhanced personalized interaction and networking through a peer sharing network, or through an open catalog exchange. The user has the ability to create their own individualized world of products, services, and information that is contextually tailored to each user's unique environment in real-time. Web services hosted within a personal Extranet can anonymously assist and facilitate a context specific task or service insightfully and spontaneously. Through the selective cataloging of multi-vendor products, services, and information, a user is able to fully control, personalize, enhance and share, any lifestyle interest captured from ITV, print, the World Wide Web, businesses, and peers.

Automatic, personalized online information and product services

A method for providing automatic, personalized information services to a computer user includes the following steps: transparently monitoring user interactions with data during normal use of the computer; updating user-specific data files including a set of user-related documents; estimating parameters of a learning machine that define a User Model specific to the user, using the user-specific data files; analyzing a document to identify its properties; estimating the probability that the user is interested in the document by applying the document properties to the parameters of the User Model; and providing personalized services based on the estimated probability. Personalized services include personalized searches that return only documents of interest to the user, personalized crawling for maintaining an index of documents of interest to the user; personalized navigation that recommends interesting documents that are hyperlinked to documents currently being viewed; and personalized news, in which a third party server customized its interaction with the user. The User Model includes continually-updated measures of user interest in words or phrases, web sites, topics, products, and product features. The measures are updated based on both positive examples, such as documents the user bookmarks, and negative examples, such as search results that the user does not follow. Users are clustered into groups of similar users by calculating the distance between User Models.

Geographic based communications service

A geographic based communications service system that includes a network and a plurality of access points connected to the network and arranged at known locations in a geographic region. One or more service providers or information providers may be connected to the network to provide services or information on the network. A mobile user (MU) may use a portable computing device (PCD) to connect to the network and access information or services from the network. The PCD may be configured to transmit a signal indicating a presence of the PCD as well as identification information indicating the mobile user. Upon detection of the wireless signal by a first access point in proximity to the PCD, and upon receipt of the identification information indicating the user of the PCD, the first access point may transmit the identification information, as well as the known geographic location of the first access point, to one or more providers on the network. The known geographic location of the first access point indicates the approximate location of the PCD of the mobile user. A first information provider may receive this information and provide content information or services to the mobile user. For example, the first information provider may select content information dependent upon the known geographic location of the first access point and demographic information or past activities of the mobile user of the PCD. The first information provider may then provide the selected content information through the network and through the first access point to the PCD of the mobile user.
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