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RFID antenna

An antenna particularly suitable for use in radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders. First and second half portions each include nominally straight conductive sections primarily defining a radiating characteristic and nominally spiral conductive sections creating a positive reactive characteristic of the antenna. The straight conductive sections have feed points for connecting the antenna into the RFID transponder, and further connect with the respective spiral conductive sections. The first and said second half portions characterize the antenna as being a dipole type, and adding an optional loop section connecting the straight conductive sections can further characterize it as being of a folded dipole type.

Gradient porous implant

ActiveUS20070150068A1Optimize performanceOptimizes various mechanical and biological requirements of the implants performanceAdditive manufacturing apparatusBone implantPorous metalMedical treatment
An implantable medical device includes a porous metal foam or foam-like structure having pores defined by metal struts or webs wherein the porous structure has directionally controlled pore characteristics. The pore characteristics controlled include one or more of the metal structure porosity, pore size, pore shape, pore size distribution and strut thickness. The pore characteristics may vary in one or more directions throughout the structure. Preferably the pore characteristics are controlled to match the porous metal structure to various mechanical and biological requirements of different regions of the structure in order to optimize aspects of the implants performance and may vary not only over the surface of the porous structure but through the depth of the porous structure. The thickness of the porous metal structure may also be modified to establish a thickness profile that optimizes mechanical and biological requirements of the implants performance. Acetabular cup embodiments of the invention are described. Various methods of manufacturing implants having directionally controlled pore characteristics are described.

Home entertainment system and method

An entertainment system and method including controllable components dispersed among a plurality of locations and each having attributes associated therewith, a plurality of interconnections between the controllable components, a plurality of user interface devices, and a controller that generates graphical user interfaces for the user interface devices for controlling the plurality of controllable components. The graphical user interfaces include commands for operating the controllable components that vary among the graphical user interfaces based on the locations of the user interface devices, and the controllable component attributes, locations and interconnections. The controller also automatically creates schematic diagrams, lists, views and test plans for the controlled components and / or the interconnections therebetween based upon the identification of the controlled components, and their attributes, locations and interconnections, to the controller.

Design method for distributed hydrological model by using grid as analog unit

The invention discloses a design method for a distributed hydrological model by using a grid as an analog unit, which is called as ESSI for short. The design method comprises the following steps of: obtainment of a distributed parameter: converting vector data into grid data; generalization of a watershed hydrological process: establishing a universal runoff generating type for the grid; design of a runoff generating process: respectively computing the water-quantity distributing condition of each part according to different prior-period soil water conditions; design of a flow collecting process: respectively designing a Muskingum-Cunge method, a delay algorithm and a riverway segmentation Muskingum method for the flow collecting process computation of the model under different conditions; and model development and integration. The invention not only can finish the watershed hydrological process simulation at an arid region and a humid region, but also can realize the short-term flood forecast and the long-term rainfall-runoff process simulation and prediction of a watershed by using modularization and integration ideas as means, thereby providing scientific reference bases for deeply learning about the physical mechanism of water circulation by people, reducing the drought and water-logging disasters and reasonably developing and utilizing water resources.
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