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Method and device for efficient frame erasure concealment in linear predictive based speech codecs

The present invention relates to a method and device for improving concealment of frame erasure caused by frames of an encoded sound signal erased during transmission from an encoder (106) to a decoder (110), and for accelerating recovery of the decoder after non erased frames of the encoded sound signal have been received. For that purpose, concealment/recovery parameters are determined in the encoder or decoder. When determined in the encoder (106), the concealment/recovery parameters are transmitted to the decoder (110). In the decoder, erasure frame concealment and decoder recovery is conducted in response to the concealment/recovery parameters. The concealment/recovery parameters may be selected from the group consisting of: a signal classification parameter, an energy information parameter and a phase information parameter. The determination of the concealment/recovery parameters comprises classifying the successive frames of the encoded sound signal as unvoiced, unvoiced transition, voiced transition, voiced, or onset, and this classification is determined on the basis of at least a part of the following parameters: a normalized correlation parameter, a spectral tilt parameter, a signal-to-noise ratio parameter, a pitch stability parameter, a relative frame energy parameter, and a zero crossing parameter.

System and methods for controlling automatic scrolling of information on a display or screen

A system for controlling the automatic scrolling of information on a computer display. The system includes a computer display, a computer gimbaled sensor for tracking the position of the user's head and user's eye, and a scroll activating interface algorithm using a neural network to find screen gaze coordinates implemented by the computer. A scrolling function is performed based upon the screen gaze coordinates of the user's eye relative t activation area(s) on the display. The gimbaled sensor system contains a platform mounted at the top of the display. The gimbaled sensor system tracks the user's head and eye allowing the user to be free from attachments while the gimbaled sensor system is tracking, still allowing the user to freely move his head. A method of controlling automatic scrolling of information on a display includes the steps of finding a screen gaze coordinate on the display of the user determining whether the screen gaze coordinate is within at least one activated control region, and activating scrolling to provide a desired display of information when the gaze direction is within at least one activated control region. In one embodiment, the control regions are defined as upper control region, lower region, right region and left region for controlling the scrolling respectively in downward, upward, leftward and rightward directions. In another embodiment, control regions are defined by concentric rings for maintaining the stationary position of the information or controlling the scrolling of the information towards the center of the display or screen.
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