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Secure online music distribution system

A secure music distribution system securely distributes digital products such as music, video, and/or computer software along with related media over a public telecommunications network, such as the Internet, employing a client-server architecture. The digital products are stored and controlled by a content manager computer system and are sold by separate merchant computer systems. The secure music distribution system includes a music distribution center which operates with any number of client systems and with any number of merchant systems. The music distribution center includes a content manager and at least one delivery server. The content manager maintains a media information database, a master media file system, and a transaction database. In addition, the music distribution center interfaces with a media licensing center, which in turn communicates with one or more distributed rights agent servers and the merchant servers. The merchant server executes in a merchant computer system, which also includes an HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) server. The merchant servers interface with various payment processing systems. The client systems include a media player and a Web browser. Additional delivery servers and media licensing centers operate independently and externally to the music distribution center and interface with the music distribution center.

Multiple mode data communication system and method and forward and/or reverse link control channel structure

A multiple mode data communication system and method provides the flexibility to schedule wireless unit transmissions and/or allow the wireless unit to transmit autonomously. In certain embodiments, the wireless units can transmit autonomously and/or use scheduling depending on the data rate, the length of the data packet or the type of data. For example, the wireless units can transmit autonomously at lower data rates and use scheduling at higher data rates. Thus, the multiple mode system enables wireless unit transmissions to be scheduled and/or be transmit autonomously, and wireless units can simultaneously operate in different scheduling and/or autonomous modes. Depending on the embodiment, the system can provide even greater flexibility in operation by permitting wireless units to be scheduled by a single base station, scheduled by a multiplicity of base stations simultaneously or otherwise, via coordination between base stations, scheduled by a multiplicity of base stations in an uncoordinated and asynchronous manner, allowed to transmit autonomously, and/or allowed to transmit autonomously under base station supervision (i.e. rate control/adjustment by the base station). Additionally, a forward and/or reverse link control channel structure is provided which can be used to implement the multiple mode data communication system and/or support various features enabling increased throughput over a shared data channel in a wireless communications system.
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