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Method for training a communication link between ports to correct for errors

A technique for training links in a computing system is disclosed. In one aspect, the technique includes configuring a first receiver in a first port using a first training sequence or a second training sequence; transmitting the second training sequence from the first port indicating the first receiver is configured; and receiving a second training sequence transmitted by a second port at the first port, the second training sequence transmitted by the second port indicating that a second receiver in the second port is configured. In a second aspect, the technique includes locking a communication link; handshaking across the locked link to indicate readiness for data transmission; transmitting information after handshaking across the locked link. And, in a third aspect, the technique includes transmitting a first training sequence from a first port and a second port; and synchronizing the receipt of the first training sequence at the first and second ports; transmitting a second training sequence from the first and second ports upon the synchronized receipt of the first training sequence at the first and second ports; and receiving the second training sequence transmitted by the first and second ports and the second and first ports, respectively, in synchrony.

Method and apparatus for providing mobile and other intermittent connectivity in a computing environment

A seamless solution transparently addresses the characteristics of nomadic systems, and enables existing network applications to run reliably in mobile environments. The solution extends the enterprise network, letting network managers provide mobile users with easy access to the same applications as stationary users without sacrificing reliability or centralized management. The solution combines advantages of existing wire-line network standards with emerging mobile standards to create a solution that works with existing network applications. A Mobility Management Server coupled to the mobile network maintains the state of each of any number of Mobile End Systems and handles the complex session management required to maintain persistent connections to the network and to other peer processes. If a Mobile End System becomes unreachable, suspends, or changes network address (e.g., due to roaming from one network interconnect to another), the Mobility Management Server maintains the connection to the associated peer task—allowing the Mobile End System to maintain a continuous connection even though it may temporarily lose contact with its network medium. In one example, Mobility Management Server communicates with Mobile End Systems using Remote Procedure Call and Internet Mobility Protocols.
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