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A device, system and method for implementing smart home applications

The invention discloses a device, a system and a method for realizing intelligent household application. The device comprises an intelligent household gateway, a family control center and terminal agent equipment, wherein the intelligent household gateway is used for being connected with the terminal agent equipment to finish signaling transfer between the family control center and the terminal agent equipment and transmit the transferred signaling to the family control center or the terminal agent equipment; the family control center is used for executing an intelligent household control logic according to the received user command or the preallocated task, transmitting the command to local terminal equipment through the intelligent household gateway via the terminal agent equipment, and realizing an intelligent household service through the local terminal equipment; and the terminal agent equipment is used for connecting the local terminal equipment to allocate identifiers to the local terminal equipment and finishing underlying protocol transfer between the intelligent household gateway and the local terminal equipment. The invention can realize intelligent household application on the basis of uniformly controlling the terminal equipment.

Intelligent home information management system

The invention relates to an intelligent home information management system, which comprises a remote back-stage management center, a TCP/IP network system, a terminal system, a server and a local area network, wherein the terminal system comprises a terminal set and a terminal platform software system; the terminal set comprises a terminal master control module, a data packet module, a call module, a multimedia processing module, an audio and video coding and decoding module, an interface module, a terminal communication module, a driver processing module, a database and network file system application module, and an acquisition module; the remote back-stage management center comprises a master control module, a communication module, a database module, an upgrade processing module, a multimedia processing module, a magnetic card and safety management module, a management and alarm module, a call management module, a message module and a state detection module; and a multimedia integrated system master chip can realize the output of various paths of different signals. The intelligent home information management system has the advantages of high intelligent degree, high compatibility and expandability, and simple equipment operation.

Radio frequency automatic test system for wireless communication base station

The invention provides a base-station radio-frequency automatic test system which comprises a radio-frequency analyzer, a network analyzer, a signal source, a power meter, a severer equipped with automatic test software and a radio-frequency unit comprising coaxial radio-frequency switches as well as filters and attenuators of different specifications. The base-station radio-frequency automatic test system is arranged inside a large-size test cabinet. The operation of the system is under the centralized control of a high-performance workstation. The test software is designed to complete various base-station test items specified in the standard according to user's needs. The base-station radio-frequency automatic test system covers the whole range of the test of various radio-frequency parameters of base station of various communication systems, and maximizes the degree of test automation. Additionally, the base-station radio-frequency automatic test system has the advantages of wide coverage, full test types, high automation degree, easy operation, friendly interface, flexible configuration, convenience for updating along with the modification of the standard, automatic correction function, high test accuracy, and capability of networking several scattered labs via a local area network (LAN) and achieving the effect of test data sharing.

Welding method for high-performance weather-resistant steel which is at Q345qENH-Q420qENH level and used for bridges

The invention discloses a welding method for high-performance weather-resistant steel which is at the Q345qENH-Q420qENH level and used for bridges. Welding connectors selected according to specific chemical components, mechanical properties, welding connector corrosion-resistant indexes, applicable technological conditions and different plate thickness specifications of the high-performance weather-resistant steel which is at the Q345qENH-Q420qENH level and used for bridges are in the type of a butt joint and a T-shaped connector (including a corner connector); a welding method includes submerged automatic arc welding, solid wire argon-rich gas protection semi-automatic welding, flux-cored wire CO2 gas protection semi-automatic welding and shielded metal arc welding; and preheating temperature before welding is determined according to different plate thicknesses. The welding method comprehensively covers the connector types and the plate thickness specifications of the bridge steel structure; the technical scheme is high in practicability; the implementation effect totally meets the technological requirements of structural steel for existing bridges and relevant standards in the steel bridge manufacturing field; and the welding method can be used for welding the high-performance weather-resistant steel which is at the Q345qENH-Q420qENH level and has a great effect on prompting popularization of high-level weather-resistant bridge steel.

Module combined refrigerator

The invention provides a module combined refrigerator which comprises a refrigeration system and an electric control system, wherein, the refrigerator is composed of a mainframe room and two or more cold rooms, and the mainframe room and the cold rooms are independent and separated from each other; the cold rooms comprise door bodies and insulation boxes; the mainframe room is internally equipped with two or more refrigeration system interfaces and electric control system interfaces, and the cold rooms are internally equipped with refrigeration system joints and electric control system joints which are correspondingly connected with the refrigeration system interfaces and the electric control system interfaces in the mainframe room; and the mainframe room is equipped with a compressor, a condenser, a capillary tube and a main controller, and the cold rooms are equipped with evaporators. By means of a plurality of combined module units in the mainframe room, the module combined refrigerator can simultaneously meet the combined use requirements for a refrigerating room, a cold room, a soft-freezing room, a wine cabinet and the like, thus meeting the personalized need of customers, reducing development expense, shortening design and production cycle, saving warehousing floor space, and facilitating storage and transportation.
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