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Training and using pronunciation guessers in speech recognition

The error rate of a pronunciation guesser that guesses the phonetic spelling of words used in speech recognition is improved by causing its training to weigh letter-to-phoneme mappings used as data in such training as a function of the frequency of the words in which such mappings occur. Preferably the ratio of the weight to word frequency increases as word frequencies decreases. Acoustic phoneme models for use in speech recognition with phonetic spellings generated by a pronunciation guesser that makes errors are trained against word models whose phonetic spellings have been generated by a pronunciation guesser that makes similar errors. As a result, the acoustic models represent blends of phoneme sounds that reflect the spelling errors made by the pronunciation guessers. Speech recognition enabled systems are made by storing in them both a pronunciation guesser and a corresponding set of such blended acoustic models.

Autonomous, ambulatory analyte monitor or drug delivery device

ActiveUS7004928B2Improve capillary forceMinimize coagulationAutomatic syringesMicroneedlesBiomedical engineeringElectronic equipment
The invention relates to analyte monitoring / drug (pharmaceutical agent) delivery device. The invention is suited for monitoring various blood constituents such as glucose. The device has a housing that at least partially encloses a plurality of microneedles disposed on a carrier and an electronics portion. Each microneedle is in fluid communication with a corresponding microchannel. Each microneedle is individually addressable. That is, each microneedle can be extended and retracted individually via an actuator. The electronics portion includes a processor and associated circuitry (e.g., memory, supporting electronics and the like), a motor or the like, a sensor, a power supply (e.g., battery) and optionally an interface. In general, the processor controls the operation of the device and is data communication with the actuator, motor, sensor and interface. The invention provides for autonomous operation, that is, without intervention of the user. The invention can optionally provide for calibration without intervention of the user. The invention can also provide for semi-continuous monitoring for day and night time. The invention can provide for up to four, or more, weeks of operation. The invention can provide for a device that is relative small in size, and therefore unobtrusive. The invention can also provide for device with remote control and interactive electronics. The invention may be also used for the delivery of various pharmaceutical agents including high potency drugs to minimize patient intervention and minimize discomfort.

Crosslinked hyaluronic acid compositions for tissue augmentation

A hyaluronic acid (HA) composition includes crosslinked, water-insoluble, hydrated HA gel particles. The HA includes crosslinks represented by the following structural formula: HA—U—R2—U—HA The variables are defined herein. A method of augmenting tissue in a subject includes inserting a needle into a subject at a location in the subject that is in need of tissue augmentation, wherein the needle is coupled to a syringe loaded with the HA composition, and applying force to the syringe, to deliver the HA composition into the subject. A method of preparing the HA composition, includes forming water-insoluble, dehydrated crosslinked HA particles, separating the water-insoluble, dehydrated particles by average diameter, selecting a subset of particles by average diameter, and hydrating the subset of dehydrated particles with a physiologically compatible aqueous solution. Another method of preparing the crosslinked HA composition includes crosslinking a precursor of the crosslinked HA with a biscarbodiimide in the presence of a pH buffer and dehydrating the crosslinked HA. Also included is a method of augmenting tissue in a subject that is in need of tissue augmentation. A method of stabilizing crosslinked HA includes hydrating water-insoluble, dehydrated crosslinked HA with a physiologically compatible aqueous solution that includes a local anesthetic, wherein the value of storage modulus G′ for the stabilized composition is at least about 110% of the value of G′ for a non-stabilized composition,. Also included is the stabilized HA composition.

Method and system for obtaining positioning data

A position detection system for use in association with computing applications, the system comprising: a positional element for attaining a position and comprising a first emitter for emitting a substantially continuous ultrasonic waveform decodable to fix said position, and a detector arrangement for detecting said waveform in a manner permitting fixing of said position and outputting said waveform for computation, in a manner retentive of said position fixing ability.

Method for transforming monocotyledons

The invention relates to a method for transforming a monocotyledonous plant. The time required from transformation to regeneration of a plant is shorter using the inventive method so that the frequency of emergence of mutants is smaller than the conventional methods. The inventive method may be generally applied even to the plants for which a regeneration method from a protoplast to a plant has not been established, and with which the preparation of the material to be subjected to the method is easy. That is, the present invention provides a method for transforming a monocotyledonous plant, comprising contacting a cultured tissue of said monocotyledonous plant during dedifferentiation thereof obtained by culturing an explant on a dedifferentiation-inducing medium for less than 7 days with a bacterium belonging to the genus Agrobacterium containing a super binary vector having the virulence region of a Ti plasmid, left and right border sequences of T-DNA of a Ti plasmid or an Ri plasmid of a bacterium belonging to the genus Agrobacterium, and a desired gene located between said left and right border sequences.
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