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Surgery is a medical specialty that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate or treat a pathological condition such as a disease or injury, to help improve bodily function or appearance or to repair unwanted ruptured areas.

Instrument introducer

Instrument introducers and methods of using the same are provided to facilitate the introduction of a surgical instrument into a cavity or a body opening of a patient. The instrument introducers include a body portion defining a lumen therethrough, a flexible distal end portion having a distal orifice, a proximal end portion having a proximal orifice, and at least one fold formed in at least the distal end portion.

Electrosurgical probe with movable return electrode and methods related thereto

The present invention provides systems, apparatus, and methods for dissecting, resecting, severing, cutting, contracting, coagulating, or otherwise modifying a tissue or organ of a patient. An apparatus of the invention includes an electrosurgical probe configurable between an open configuration and a closed configuration, the probe including an active electrode terminal, a fixed return electrode disposed proximal to the active electrode terminal, and a movable return electrode configured to move linearly with respect to the active electrode terminal between the open configuration and the closed configuration. A method of the present invention comprises clamping a blood vessel between the active electrode terminal and the movable return electrode, coagulating the clamped blood vessel by application of a first high frequency voltage, and severing the coagulated blood vessel by application of a second high frequency voltage.

Device and method for endoluminal therapy

A device and method for selectively engaging or penetrating a layer of a luminal organ wall where the luminal organ wall has a plurality of layers including an outermost layer and an innermost layer adjacent to the lumen of the organ. The device and method select one of the plurality of layers of the organ wall other than the innermost layer and deploy from within the lumen of the organ a tissue device through the innermost layer to a specific depth to engage or penetrate the selected one of the plurality of layers. The device and method may be employed to create luminal pouches or restrictive outlets. In a stomach organ, the device and methods may be employed to treat obesity by forming a gastric pouch with or without a restrictive outlet.
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