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Analyte measuring device

An implantable analyte-measuring device including a membrane adapted to promote vascularization and / or interfere with barrier cell layer formation. The membrane includes any combination of materials, architecture, and bioactive agents that facilitate analyte transport to provide long-term in vivo performance of the implantable analyte-measuring device.

Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a telemetry system with predefined reception listening

An implanted medical device (e.g. infusion pump) and an external device communicate with one another via telemetry messages that are receivable only during windows or listening periods. Each listening period is open for a prescribed period of time and is spaced from successive listening periods by an interval. The prescribed period of time is typically kept small to minimize power consumption. To increase likelihood of successful communication, the window may be forced to an open state, by use of an attention signal, in anticipation of an incoming message. To further minimize power consumption, it is desirable to minimize use of extended attention signals, which is accomplished by the transmitter maintaining an estimate of listening period start times and attempting to send messages only during listening periods. In the communication device, the estimate is updated as a result of information obtained with the reception of each message from the medical device.

Fabrication of biocompatible polymeric composites

Composite materials formed from biocompatible polymer fibers and biodegradable polymers are disclosed. The heat treatment conditions for the reinforcing fibers are described so that the mechanical properties of the fibers can be retained during composite consolidation process. The processing conditions and set-ups to consolidations are constrained to the temperatures lower than fiber heat treatment temperatures. The reinforcing fibers are restrained under tension so that the minimum relaxation occurs during consolidation process.

Method of preparation of bioabsorbable porous reinforced tissue implants and implants thereof

A biocompatible tissue implant is disclosed. The tissue implant may be bioabsorbable, and is made from a biocompatible polymeric foam. The tissue implant also includes a biocompatible reinforcement member. The polymeric foam and the reinforcement member are soluble in a common solvent.

Wound dressing and method for controlling severe, life-threatening bleeding

ActiveUS7371403B2Stanching flowProhibiting flow of bloodBiocideSuspensory bandagesHydrophilic polymersWound dressing
This invention is directed to advanced hemorrhage control wound dressings, and methods of using and producing same. The subject wound dressing is constructed from a non-mammalian material for control of severe bleeding. The wound dressing for controlling severe bleeding is formed of a biomaterial comprising chitosan, a hydrophilic polymer, a polyacrylic polymer or a combination thereof. The kind of severe, life-threatening bleeding contemplated by this invention is typically of the type not capable of being stanched when a conventional gauze wound dressing is applied with conventional pressure to the subject wound. The wound dressing being capable of substantially stanching the flow of the severe life-threatening bleeding from the wound by adhering to the wound site, to seal the wound, to accelerate blood clot formation at the wound site, to reinforce clot formation at the wound site and prevent bleed out from the wound site, and to substantially prohibit the flow of blood out of the wound site.

Programmable medical drug delivery systems and methods for delivery of multiple fluids and concentrations

A drug delivery system provides for mixing various drugs in an optimally controlled manner, for using flow controllers to guide multiple drugs into a single or into multiple catheters, for enabling a single lumen catheter to treat a specific region with several drugs, for allowing for dilution of a concentrated drug in order to both increase the time between refilling and also for providing any concentration of a drug that might be desired, for using a buffer fluid to deliver exact amounts of several drugs from the same catheter or to separate several drugs within a single catheter, for using external fluid present in the human body either as a diluent or buffer fluid, and for providing for a drug testing / filler apparatus to be used prior to implant to ensure proper function and easy means of filling multiple reservoirs with different fluids, and also after implant for refilling operations. The drug delivery system (DDS) can perform both bolus and continuous delivery of substances, and enable the measured delivery of any one of several drugs to one or more distal locations at independently programmable rates. New types of catheter systems and uses therefore are also described. Catheter hub assemblies allowing for easy replacement of drug delivery systems offer advantages when replacing drug delivery systems. New methods for using the DDS in the promotion of healthy pregnancy and treatment of a developing fetus are also possible.

Medical device applications of nanostructured surfaces

InactiveUS20050038498A1Fine surfacePrevent/reduce bio-foulingAntibacterial agentsMaterial nanotechnologyFiberNanofiber
This invention provides novel nanofiber enhanced surface area substrates and structures comprising such substrates for use in various medical devices, as well as methods and uses for such substrates and medical devices.
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