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Medication & health, environmental, and security monitoring, alert, intervention, information and network system with associated and supporting apparatuses

Systems and apparatuses include devices, biosensors, environmental sensors, security related sensors, networked products, communications processors and components, alert and information components, processors, and software to support: 1) facilitating medication regimen and patient / user health administration, dosage control, tracking, compliance, information inquiry and presentation, reminder and notification; 2) providing monitoring, information, ordering, and intervention; 3) presenting the option of leveraging the preventative care, alert and notification components with other components to facilitate user or occupant well being, along with living, work area and dwelling environmental or security safety; and 4) enhancing the dwelling, living or work area with products that may be networked to support the widespread acceptance of these systems and apparatuses. The systems include a) processing, centralizing and communicating device commands and / or programs, e.g. a multifunctional device controller; b) device administration; c) patient / user information; d) dwelling environmental safety; e) security breach information; f) centralized and remote apparatus and system activations through primary component or at least one backup.

Programmable medical drug delivery systems and methods for delivery of multiple fluids and concentrations

A drug delivery system provides for mixing various drugs in an optimally controlled manner, for using flow controllers to guide multiple drugs into a single or into multiple catheters, for enabling a single lumen catheter to treat a specific region with several drugs, for allowing for dilution of a concentrated drug in order to both increase the time between refilling and also for providing any concentration of a drug that might be desired, for using a buffer fluid to deliver exact amounts of several drugs from the same catheter or to separate several drugs within a single catheter, for using external fluid present in the human body either as a diluent or buffer fluid, and for providing for a drug testing / filler apparatus to be used prior to implant to ensure proper function and easy means of filling multiple reservoirs with different fluids, and also after implant for refilling operations. The drug delivery system (DDS) can perform both bolus and continuous delivery of substances, and enable the measured delivery of any one of several drugs to one or more distal locations at independently programmable rates. New types of catheter systems and uses therefore are also described. Catheter hub assemblies allowing for easy replacement of drug delivery systems offer advantages when replacing drug delivery systems. New methods for using the DDS in the promotion of healthy pregnancy and treatment of a developing fetus are also possible.
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