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Integrated delivery device for continuous glucose sensor

Abstract of the DisclosureSystems and methods for integrating a continuous glucose sensor, including a receiver, a medicament delivery device, and optionally a single point glucose monitor are provided. Manual integrations provide for a physical association between the devices wherein a user (for example, patient or doctor) manually selects the amount, type, and / or time of delivery. Semi-automated integration of the devices includes integrations wherein an operable connection between the integrated components aids the user (for example, patient or doctor) in selecting, inputting, calculating, or validating the amount, type, or time of medicament delivery of glucose values, for example, by transmitting data to another component and thereby reducing the amount of user input required. Automated integration between the devices includes integrations wherein an operable connection between the integrated components provides for full control of the system without required user interaction.

Transcutaneous inserter for low-profile infusion sets

A low-profile inserter for an angled infusion set comprises an inserter housing having a bottom wall, a retainer slidably connected to the inserter housing for movement between retracted and extended positions in a direction substantially parallel with the bottom wall, and a base member connected to the inserter housing. The retainer is adapted to releasably receive a cannula assembly, including a cannula connected to a cannula housing. The base member has a lower surface that is adapted to contact a skin outer surface. The lower surface and bottom wall together form an acute angle. With this arrangement, the cannula can be inserted subcutaneously at the acute angle with respect to the skin outer surface.

MR-compatible devices

A catheter is used for medical treatments within an organism. The catheter comprises at least one lumen. Within the at least one lumen are at least two microcatheters, with at least one of the at least two microcatheters being connected to a source of liquid material to be delivered to the organism and another of the at least two microcatheters being connected to a system capable of effecting a medical treatment other than delivery of the liquid.

Adhesive Patch Systems and Methods

Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to patches for medical devices. In various embodiments, an adhesive patch of a medical device may have selective areas with adhesive material of varying adhesion strengths. In other embodiments, an adhesive patch of a medical device may include adhesive material that may be activated by a catalyst to increase or decrease the adhesion strength of the adhesive material. In further embodiments, a medical device may include a pierceable membrane containing an agent, the pierceable membrane positioned to be pierced by a needle and to cause some of the agent to be carried to the user-patient.

Infusion medium delivery system, device and method with needle inserter and needle inserter device and method

An infusion medium delivery system, device and method for delivering an infusion medium to a patient-user, includes a needle inserter device and method for inserting a needle and / or cannula into a patient-user to convey the infusion medium to the patient-user. The needle inserter device and method operate to insert a needle and cannula into a patient-user's skin and automatically withdraw the needle from the patient-user, leaving the cannula in place and in fluid flow communication with a reservoir. The delivery device may include a base portion and a durable portion connectable to the base portion, and wherein the base portion can be separated from the durable portion and disposed of after one or more specified number of uses. The base portion supports the reservoir and the needle inserter device, while the durable portion supports a drive device for selectively driving the infusion medium out of the reservoir and into the needle and / or cannula.

Apparatus and method for isolated lung access

Apparatus, systems, methods, and kits are provided for isolating a target lung segment and treating that segment, usually by drug delivery or lavage. The systems include at least a lobar or sub-lobar isolation catheter which is introduced beyond a second lung bifurcation (i.e., beyond the first bifurcation in a lobe of the lung) and which can occlude a bronchial passage at that point. An inner catheter is usually introduced through the isolation catheter and used in cooperation with the isolation catheter for delivering and / or removing drugs or washing liquids from the isolated lung region. Optionally, the inner catheter will also have an occluding member near its distal end for further isolation of a target region within the lung.

Expandable trans-septal sheath

Disclosed is an expandable transluminal sheath, for introduction into the body while in a first, low cross-sectional area configuration, and subsequent expansion of at least a part of the distal end of the sheath to a second, enlarged cross-sectional configuration. The sheath is configured for use in the vascular system. The access route is through the inferior vena cava to the right atrium, where a trans-septal puncture, followed by advancement of the catheter is completed. The distal end of the sheath is maintained in the first, low cross-sectional configuration during advancement through the atrial septum into the left atrium. The distal end of the sheath is expanded using a radial dilator. In one application, the sheath is utilized to provide access for a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure such as electrophysiological mapping of the heart, radio-frequency ablation of left atrial tissue, placement of atrial implants, valve repair, or the like.
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