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1994 results about "Residence" patented technology

A residence is an establishment where it was originally or currently being used by a host as their main place of dwelling or home. Architecturally, a residence is typically a house, mansion, cottage or grand castles and palaces. A residence is offered to travelers as temporary lodgings where they can rent a room. The rooms are generally furnished in the style which complements the architecture type of the building. This boutique type of accommodation has a nice homely feel where the traveler is the 'house-guest'. Hotels, especially the extended stay chains, commonly function as residences for many guests.

Broadband network with enterprise wireless communication method for residential and business environment

The present invention sets forth a network-centric service distribution architecture and method that integrates a wireless access system/service in the residence, SOHO, business or public environment through the use of a local broadband network, such as a Residential-Business Broadband Network (RBN), to the service provider's broadband transport network and to a service provider's broadband packet network that facilitates end-to-end packet telecommunication services. Access functions for connecting said service provider's broadband packet network to the RBN via said service provider's broadband transport network are provided. Call and service termination functions to a plurality of local RBN devices are also provided. Signals from a plurality of wireless devices are accepted and forwarded to an IEEE 802.11b interface for a wireless modem and/or to an Ethernet interface for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)/Ethernet Processor, where the forwarded signals comprise intranet telephony and data. Voice signals are also accepted from a plurality of tip/ring interfaces and forwarded to a broadband transport interface for back haul of data and voice packets. A service provider can deploy services in an integrated voice, data and multimedia environment cost-effectively based on one broadband packet network.

Communications webs with personal communications links for PSTN subscribers

Systems for connecting telecommunications infrastructure lines to telephones, handsets, computers, telecopy machines and other end user interfaces or consumer electronics devices in a residence or business. Systems according to the present invention include Network Control Units which form the center of a star topology and which communicate via RF link with Wireless Access Units and handsets. Wireless Access Units feature an interface, such as, for example, a standard telephone jack, for accommodating a telephone, a fax machine, a compute modem or other device. Computers or other devices may also be accommodated by Wireless Access Units having other physical and virtual interfaces, including, for instance, serial ports or network interfaces. The Wireless Access Units may also be digital to accommodate ISDN or any other digital standard. Wireless control / monitoring accessories may also be employed to communicate with the Network Control Unit and provide additional functionality such as entrance monitoring, baby monitoring, HVAC control and other services. Personal Communication Links provide wireless handset and speakerphone services. The Personal Communication Links include independent talk / listen paths from the unit to the Network Control Unit. In addition, each Personal Communication Link includes circuitry for automatically adjusting from high-volume / high-microphone sensitivity for speakerphone operation to low-volume / low-microphone sensitivity for conventional handset operation.
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