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Blister package with electronic content monitoring system

A replicate can be secured to a blister package intended to contain articles, such as pills, and is used to record the removal of individual articles from the blisters. To remove an article from a blister one will usually press against the blister to push the article through a frangible closure seal, breaking the seal in the process. The replicate includes a backing sheet which carries a plurality of traces alignable with corresponding blisters so that when the article is removed from the blister it will not only break the seal but it will also break the corresponding trace. All of the traces are connected to an integrated circuit which may also be formed or provided on the backing sheet, as is a power source for the integrated circuit. The breaking of the trace is an event that is recorded in the integrated circuit for later accessability. The replicate may be secured to the blister package after the package has been produced by conventional form-fill-seal equipment. The individual traces can be formed into a grid of closely spaced traces so that alignment of the traces with the individual blisters is less critical. The replicates may be formed by printing or other conventional methods on a roll of lidstock. After forming the individual replicates are severed from the roll of lidstock for securement to a blister package.

Intelligent health watch for automatically measuring and recording health data and intelligent health system

ActiveCN103529684ASimple methodMeet the needs of daily health managementMechanical clocksEvaluation of blood vesselsMicrocomputerMicrocontroller
The present invention provides an intelligent health watch for automatically measuring and recording health data and an intelligent health system, wherein the intelligent health watch comprises the following components: a single-chip microcomputer module which is used for controlling operation of the intelligent health watch; a display module which is connected with the single-chip microcomputer module; a dynamic monitoring module which is used for tracking multidirectional motion and is connected with the single-chip microcomputer module; and a data acquiring module which is used for acquiring physiological and non-physiological data of the user and is connected with the single-chip microcomputer module. The intelligent health watch settles the insufficiencies in the prior health data management method, and provides a way which is convenient and can fully satisfy daily health management requirement. The intelligent health watch has the following functions: teaching and helping to exercise, reminding to perform daily activity and take medicine, checking the physiological condition accurately at any time and timely, recording and reporting in a diversified manner, automatically assisting and asking for help in emergency, etc.
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