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Gaming machine with player choice bonus games

A gaming machine has a display means and a game control means arranged to control images displayed on the display means. The game control means is arranged to play an underlying game such as a spinning reel game in which random events are caused to be displayed on the display means and, if a predefined winning event occurs, the machine awards a prize. A feature game series distinct from the underlying game played on the machine may be triggered during play of the underlying game. In the feature game series a set of special indicia are provided which may have specific functions during the feature game series such as acting as wild, substitute, scatter symbols or the like. Prior to commencement of playing of the games of the feature game series, the gaming machine allows the player of the gaming machine to select at least one particular special indicia from the set of special indicia to have at least one of the particular functions during that feature game series. In an alternative embodiment at least two reels provide special indicia which both substitute for other indicia in the display and multiply any win when the special indicia substitutes for other indicia and the player may select the factors by which the wins will be multiplied when the special indicia substitutes on a particular reel.

Data replication system and method

System and method for sub-second data replication. The present invention provides the ability to replicate database transactions made on one computer to one or more local or remote computers instantly, utilizing the database management system's transaction log for the replication. The present invention intercepts transactions being sent to a database's transaction log and interprets and copies the transactions to one or more replica servers, as well as to the original existing database transaction log. This enables real-time reporting without taxing the transaction system, real-time backup and immediate disaster recovery, by offloading said activities from the transaction server to a replica server that synchronized with the transaction server in real-time. The system comprises a central server and a set of source and destination agents that can reside all in a local system, or can be remotely connected such as through a TCP/IP networks The central server controls a series of loadable modules to perform specific functions in the system, and an agent that runs on every machine in the system that has a relational database management system running. The agent is either a source agent, gathering data from a source database server, or a destination (or target) agent, applying the data to the destination database, or both a source and destination agent.
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