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Virtual private network having automatic reachability updating

A unified policy management system for an organization including a central policy server and remotely situated policy enforcers. A central database and policy enforcer databases storing policy settings are configured as LDAP databases adhering to a hierarchical object oriented structure. Such structure allows the policy settings to be defined in an intuitive and extensible fashion. Changes in the policy settings made at the central policy server are automatically transferred to the policy enforcers for updating their respective databases. Each policy enforcer collects and transmits health and status information in a predefined log format and transmits it to the policy server for efficient monitoring by the policy server. For further efficiencies, the policy enforcement functionalities of the policy enforcers are effectively partitioned so as to be readily implemented in hardware. The system also provides for dynamically routed VPNs where VPN membership lists are automatically created and shared with the member policy enforcers. Updates to such membership lists are also automatically transferred to remote VPN clients. The system further provides for fine grain access control of the traffic in the VPN by allowing definition of firewall rules within the VPN. In addition, policy server and policy enforcers may be configured for high availability by maintaining a backup unit in addition to a primary unit. The backup unit become active upon failure of the primary unit.

Apparatus and method of determining conditions of bank notes

An apparatus and method for providing an indication of a type and/or a condition of a note passing through the apparatus includes a note transport (12) which moves the note past transversely spaced spot sensing assemblies (18). Each spot sensing assembly includes four emitters (32). Each of the emitters produces radiation at different wavelengths. The spot sensing assemblies include a reflectance detector (20) and a transmission detector (22) which are disposed on opposed sides of the passing note. The emitters direct radiation onto test spots (34) on the passing note. Radiation reflected from and transmitted through the test spots is detected by the respective reflector and transmission detectors. A control circuit (24) produces sensed values that correspond to the detected radiation. A data store in operative connection with the control circuit comprises memories (138) that include stored data representative of transition and reflectance values for know note types. The control circuit calculates a level of correlation between the stored values and the sensed values. By comparing the correlated values to threshold values, the control circuit is operative to determine the type of note and other conditions such as if a note is worn, soiled, or a doubles note.
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