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Medication delivery system

A medication delivery system (20) having features of the present invention comprises a medical container (26) holding a prescribed medication (27) to be delivered to a patient, a tag 24 adapted to be worn by the patient, a handheld computing device (22), and an electronic medication delivery device (30). Data on the medication (27) is contained in a first label (28) on the medication container (27). The first label (28) also contains the instruction on how the medication is delivered to the patient, including the appropriate settings for an electronic medication delivery device for delivering the medication to the patient. Patient data is contained in a second label (29) on the tag (24) worn by the patient. The medication data, medication delivery instruction, and patient data are provided in machine readable formats. The handheld computing device (22) reads the medication data and the medication delivery instruction on the medication container (26) and the patient data on the patient tag (24). The handheld computing device (22) stores the information obtained and performs a matching check to confirm that the medication data matches with the patient data. Upon a confirmed match, it transmits the medication delivery instruction to the electronic medication delivery device (30), which downloads the instruction, programs the delivery device 30, and prompts an operator to begin delivering the medication (27) to the patient according to the downloaded instruction.

Integrated pharmaceutical accounts management system and method

<heading lvl="0">Abstract of Disclosure</heading> An integrated suite of services for consumers, service providers and manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry is disclosed. The present invention utilizes one or more of the NCPDP standard formats and adopts the switch for an integrated system of, for example, instant adjudication of prescriptions, consumer data warehousing and/or incentive rewards for the consumer. A participating consumer with one card, can instantly purchase pharmaceuticals and charge the transaction to a credit card and earn and apply savings dollars redeemable for pharmaceutical purchases. For a participating service provider, instant adjudication and instant validation of consumer eligibility can be performed. Moreover, a service provider may receive messages related to the patient's medications. Significantly, data is recorded for consumers even when consumers make the pharmaceutical purchase with cash. The system includes a unique card issued to participating consumers. The card is adapted to encode conventional credit or debit card information specific to the participating consumer so that the consumer can consummate a transaction for the purchase of pharmaceuticals without possession of an additional credit card. The system further includes a host processor coupled to the point of sale at the service provider through a leased line or public switch network or the like. When a customer performs a pharmaceutical transaction at the point of sale of the service provider, the host processor coordinates any benefits and data with other prescription benefit management systems through messages transmitted and received from any primary or secondary carrier systems. The host processor further is adapted to facilitate real-time adjudication of claims and checks for any dangerous drug-to-drug interactions. The host processor additionally facilitates any financial processing including the accumulation and redemption of any bonus dollars earned by the consumer. Furthermore, since the card used by the consumer can be encoded with credit or debit card information, the host processor determines the desired payment method and performs the actual financial transaction. Even if the transaction at the point of sale is a cash purchase, the consumer may desire to use his unique card for the accrual of bonus dollars. Therefore, data concerning the transaction (i.e., pharmacy number, prescription number, etc.) can be recorded even for transactions conducted with cash.

Networked RF tag for tracking freight

The invention disclosed provides a method, system, and associated tag for detection and tracking of inanimate and animate objects. The novel method broadly comprises the steps of: a) attaching a low radio frequency detection tag to each of the objects, each tag comprising a tag antenna operable at a low radio frequency not exceeding 1 megahertz (preferably not exceeding 300 kilohertz), a transceiver operatively connected to the tag's antenna, the transceiver being operable to transmit and receive data signals at the low radio frequency, a data storage device operable to store data comprising identification data for identifying said detection tag, a programmed data processor operable to process data received from the transceiver and the data storage device and to send data to cause the transceiver to emit an identification signal based upon the identification data stored in said data storage device, and an energy source for activating the tag's transceiver and data processor; b) storing, in the data storage device of each tag, shipping data selected from object description data, address-of-origin data, destination address data, object vulnerability data, and object status data; c) commingling the objects in a repository selected from a warehouse and a truck, the repository being provided with at least one large loop field antenna operable at said low radio frequency; the field antenna being disposed at a distance from each object that permits effective communication therewith at the low radio frequency, d) reading the identification data and shipping data from the transceiver of each tag by interrogating all tags commingled in said repository with data signals, such as specific IP addresses or other identification codes, via said field antenna; and e) transmitting the identification data and shipping data from each tag to a central data processor to provide a tally of the objects in said repository.
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