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In a general context, a computer can be considered a device. 2) In the context of computer technology, a device is a unit of hardware , outside or inside the case or housing for the essential computer (processor, memory, and data paths) that is capable of providing input to the essential computer or of receiving output or of both.

Method and apparatus for accessing information, computer programs and electronic communications across multiple computing devices using a graphical user interface

A GUI containing a panel along each of its edges is produced within a computer's display. Each of the four panels are always visible and accessible within the GUI and contain items that display or reference network-based information, communication, navigational systems, computer programs, and other items. These items have been assigned to the panels based upon a hierarchal containment system which, in the preferred embodiment of the invention, uses the categories “people, places, things, and home” as its first logical grouping of the various items and services a user would seek to utilize within the GUI. This organizational system, and its associated visual representation within the panels, enables the GUI to be displayed and operated within multiple computer devices, even though the designs of those devices may include a wide range of display and control systems. This consistency across various computing devices enables a user to quickly apply knowledge gained from having used the GUI on another computing device. Furthermore, the items presented within the GUI, as well as the GUI's configuration, are stored in, and retrieved from, a networked “server” computer thereby enabling a user to produce and access their familiar GUI workspace and items using a variety of networked computer devices. The GUI therefore may be accessed within multiple computing devices and provide access to information, computer programs, and electronic communications.

Mega communication and media apparatus configured to prevent brain cancerous deseases and to generate electrical energy

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Disclosed embodiments comprise a computer device comprising communication apparatus operatively configured for boosting communication signals to prevent cancerous diseases and to provide interactive user interface. The communication apparatus is further configured to convert sound waves, vibrations, solar energy, wind force and pressure force into electrical energy communicable to a battery cell. Disclosed embodiment encompasses three modes of communications—the Cell phone, wireless Internet applications, and Global communication and information. Embodiments provide communication apparatus operable to enhance mobile communication efficiency with touch sensitive display and energy platform configured with memories, processors, modules, and including advanced vehicular computing and media applications for in-vehicle interactive communications and wireless Internet applications. Embodiments further provide a communication apparatus comprising a gaming device, a wireless media device with visor screen configured with touch pads comprising sensors being embedded in silicon substrate and fused in micro fiber material having excellent electrical characteristics. Certain embodiments provide communication apparatus configured for voice enabled applications comprising human voice auditory operable to convert text to voice auditory and/or voice auditory to text applications, providing signal amplification with better data and graphical transmission. Embodiments further provide a communication apparatus comprising a media device configured for various communications and Internet applications.
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