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Dynamically matching users for group communications based on a threshold degree of matching of sender and recipient predetermined acceptance criteria

A method for enabling users to exchange group electronic mail by establishing individual profiles and criteria, for determining personalized subsets within a group. Users establish subscriptions to an electronic mailing list by specifying user profile data and acceptance criteria data to screen other users. When a user subscribes, a web server establishes and stores an individualized recipient list including each matching subscriber and their degree of one-way or mutual match with the user. When the user then sends a message to the mailing list, an email server retrieves 100% her matches and then optionally filters her recipient list down to a message distribution list using each recipient's message criteria. The message is then distributed to matching users. Additionally, email archives and information contributions from users are stored in a database. A web server creates an individualized set of web pages for a user from the database, containing contributions only from users in his recipient list. In other embodiments, users apply one-way or mutual criteria matching and message profile criteria to other group forums, such as web-based discussion boards, chat, online clubs, USENET newsgroups, voicemail, instant messaging, web browsing side channel communities, and online gaming rendezvous.

Enhanced online advertising system

ActiveUS20060212350A1Increase bid priceImprove qualityAdvertisementsWeb pageGraphics
The system provides an automatically targeted network for text and graphical advertising based on cost-per-action bidded pricing, wherein actions comprise any of acquisitions, purchases, downloads, registrations, donations, clicks, and impressions. Contextual, search and behavioral relevance features are integrated to optimize ad selection for advertisers, who enter action objectives, associated bids, and creatives or catalog assets. The assets are automatically analyzed and stored, and ads are automatically constructed for catalog assets. When an ad request is received from a user terminal in regard to a publisher asset, e.g. a web page, the ad request is matched to a stored contextual analysis of at least a portion the publisher asset if available, and preferably to a profile associated with the user of the user terminal. The best advertisements are determined, based upon a predicted response, and are then served, i.e. displayed, at the user terminal, based upon available ad space.

Face detecting camera and method

A method for determining the presence of a face from image data includes a face detection algorithm having two separate algorithmic steps: a first step of prescreening image data with a first component of the algorithm to find one or more face candidate regions of the image based on a comparison between facial shape models and facial probabilities assigned to image pixels within the region; and a second step of operating on the face candidate regions with a second component of the algorithm using a pattern matching technique to examine each face candidate region of the image and thereby confirm a facial presence in the region, whereby the combination of these components provides higher performance in terms of detection levels than either component individually. In a camera implementation, a digital camera includes an algorithm memory for storing an algorithm comprised of the aforementioned first and second components and an electronic processing section for processing the image data together with the algorithm for determining the presence of one or more faces in the scene. Facial data indicating the presence of faces may be used to control, e.g., exposure parameters of the capture of an image, or to produce processed image data that relates, e.g., color balance, to the presence of faces in the image, or the facial data may be stored together with the image data on a storage medium.
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