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Food processing machine with electric sucking pump and method for vacuumizing to produce foodstuff liquid

The invention relates to a food processing machine with an electric sucking pump and a method for vacuumizing to produce foodstuff liquid. The food processing machine comprises a crushing cutter device, a machine head or a machine base, a motor, a barrel and a control circuit board, wherein the barrel is provided with a sealing device, has or does not have a heating device. An electric sucking pump is arranged on the machine head, the machine base, the sealing device, the barrel or a barrel handle of the food processing machine, the sucking port of the electric sucking pump is positioned in the barrel and above the foodstuff liquid level, the exhaust port of the electric sucking pump is communicated with the outer part of the barrel; and the electric power source of the electric sucking pump is an independent motor, an electromagnetic vibration device, a piezoelectric ceramic vibration device or the crushing cutter device of the food processing machine. A sealing mode is adopted to seal the barrel of the food processing machine, the electric sucking pump is used to pump air out of the barrel, then crushing and heating are carried out to crush and heat the foodstuff in the barrel of the food processing machine under the vacuum condition, the oxidation of the foodstuff liquid is greatly reduced and avoided for the crushing and heating processes, so the nutritive loss is reduced, and the good taste and appearance color are kept.

Method for recycling metal oxide from waste flue gas denitration catalyst

The invention discloses a method for recycling a metal oxide from a waste flue gas denitration catalyst, comprising the following steps of: crushing the waste flue gas denitration catalyst to carry out pre-roasting pretreatment at high temperature; adding Na2CO3 into the waste flue gas denitration catalyst according to the proportion, mixing, pulverizing and roasting at high temperature to obtain a sintering block; crushing the sintering block and putting the crushed sintering block into hot water, and stirring and lixiviating to obtain titanate; adding sulphuric acid into the titanate, filtering, water-washing and roasting to obtain TiO2; adding the sulphuric acid into the lixiviated filtering liquid to regulate a pH value to 8.0-9.0; adding excessive NH4Cl for vanadium precipitation; decomposing NH4VO3 obtained from filtering at high temperature to prepare a V2O5 product; adding hydrochloric acid into the filtering liquid subjected to the vanadium precipitation to regulate a pH value to 4.5-5.0; adding CaCl2 for molybdenum and tungsten precipitation; treating the CaM0O4 and CaWO4, obtained from filtering, with the hydrochloric acid and roasting to obtain MoO3 and WO3. The method of the invention has the advantages of simple process and apparatus, high recycling efficiency, good product technical data, large treatment capacity and the like.

Preparation and application of compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants

The invention provides preparation and an application of a compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants. The compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants is composed of a natural organic plant nutrient liquid, a plant extract liquid having bactericidal activity, a macroelement fertilizer and / or a secondary-element fertilizer and / or a microelement fertilizer and / or a plant growth regulator, and auxiliaries, and an efficiency low-toxic bactericide if necessary. The compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants is mainly in the form of a water-based preparation, and has an obvious control effect for some common diseases of crops without causing a residue problem. The compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants provided by the invention is safe for utilization, friendly to the environment, and capable of effectively improving the yield of agricultural products and improving the quality of the agricultural products. Besides, the compound chemical fertilizer is high in popularization and application values, and has good comprehensive economic benefits and social benefits.

DC frequency converting air-conditioner compressor intelligent controller and control method thereof

The invention provides an intelligent controller used for a direct current (DC) frequency-conversion air conditioner compressor and a technical proposal of the control method thereof; the hardware proposal comprises a rectifier filter circuit and a power module which are electrically connected sequentially; the rectifier filter circuit (220) is also electrically connected with a single DSP controller used as a core processing unit by a switch power supply (240); the single DSP controller is also respectively and electrically connected with the power module, a communication isolation circuit which is used for communicating with the indoor machine of the air conditioner, a fan driving circuit (280), and a temperature sampling circuit (270); the control method comprises the steps as follows:the control software is embedded in the DSP controller; by a control type of dual close-ring FOC no-sensor magnetic field vector, the current ring at the internal ring realizes the decoupling controlto the driving current of the permanent magnetic synchronous motor of a compressor and indirectly controls the output torque of the motor; the speed ring at the external ring is used for controlling the working frequency of the compressor, thus not only meeting the stable requirement during fixed frequency but also meeting the dynamic response during the frequency conversion; and the control software comprises a primitive recursive function and a main interrupt function.

Method and arrangement for ensuring quality during scanning/copying of images/documents

The present invention relates to an arrangement and a method for ensuring quality during scanning/copying of images/documents. The method includes the steps of feeding in the page(s) that are to be scanned/copied. Thereafter, a first measurement of outer characteristics is performed with respect to skew, double-feeding/overlapping, deviating shape, and geometric deformation for calculating a first quality measure Q1. Thereafter, the first quality measure Q1 is compared with a predetermined first quality limit Q+1. If Q1>=Q+1, then an automatic adjustment is performed in the form of a geometric transformation in order to improve the first quality measure Q1. Thereafter, the contents of the page are analyzed with respect to structure and objects in order to calculate a second quality measure Q2, which is compared with a predetermined second quality limit Q+2. If Q2>=Q+2, then image improvement methods are performed on each identified object. Thereafter, an information analysis of each page is performed, followed by a comparison with pre-defined form/document types for calculating a third quality measure Q3, which is compared with a predetermined third quality limit Q+3. If Q3>=Q3, then a fourth quality measure Q is calculated, which is an overall quality measure that is compared with a predetermined fourth quality limit Q+. If Q>=Q+, then pre-processing is performed in order to achieve a correct output format, depending on pre-defined information about the printer/output unit.

Coking furnace capable of recycling heat energy and coking method

The invention discloses a coking furnace capable of recycling heat energy, and the coking furnace comprises a furnace body, an exhaust gas recycling system and a raw coal gas treatment system, wherein the furnace body sequentially comprises a coal feeding segment, a rapid coal heating segment, a raw coal gas leading-out segment, a coal carbonization coking segment, a coke quenching and tempering segment, a dry coke quenching segment and a coke discharging segment from top to bottom; the exhaust gas recycling system comprises an exhaust gas leading-out unit, an exhaust gas heat exchanger, a commutator and the like; and the raw coal gas treatment system comprises a raw coal gas leading-out unit. By using the coking furnace disclosed by the invention, continuous coal carbonization coking canbe achieved and the exhaust gas after combustion is used for dry coke quenching in the furnace; pre-dried coal can be quickly heated to 300 DEG C during entering the furnace, the coal is carbonized and coked in the furnace body, and the exhaust gas generated by self-combustion is used for dry coke quenching at the furnace bottom after the exhaust gas is cooled by heat exchange with air, thus continuously producing coke; the pollution is less in the production process; the coal industrial chain is extended, the coking cost is lowered, the coking coal types are broadened, and the product quality is improved; the profit margins are expanded in a large extent; and the maintenance cost is low.

Comprehensive treating system for domestic wastes

The invention discloses a comprehensive treating system for domestic wastes. Reutilizing comprehensive treatment for mixed wastes is realized by the system according to a comprehensive sorting technology and a combined anaerobic fermentation technology, wherein the advanced sorting techniques, such as, crushing, magnetic separating, sieving, air classifying, and the like, are adopted in the comprehensive sorting technology; reutilized products, such as metal, plastics, organic matters, and the like, are screened out; the screened organic matters are prepared into slurry together with sludge and excrements and are then subjected to the combined anaerobic fermentation; the reutilized products, such as methane, organic fertilizer, and the like, can be produced under the action of anaerobic fermentation; and after the methane is purified, the methane is used for generating power, domestic fuel or vehicle-mounted fuel. According to the technology, the intensified treatment for organic wastes, such as domestic wastes, sludge, excrements, kitchen wastes, and the like, can be realized. The comprehensive treating system is high in mechanical and automated degree. Compared with the prior art, the comprehensive treating system has the advantages of simplification, effectiveness, less labor power, and the like.
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