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Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms. Food processing includes many forms of processing foods, from grinding grain to make raw flour to home cooking to complex industrial methods used to make convenience foods.

Food product surface sterilization apparatus and method

InactiveUS20040052702A1Increase temperatureReduce food product temperature changeFood preservationIndirect heat exchangersUnsafe conditionUltraviolet
An apparatus is disclosed for the micro-organism surface sterilization of foods using, a "germicidal" such as light waves (e.g., ultraviolet), and in some cases in combination with (or replaced by) one or more of sound waves and ozone. The surface sterilizer apparatus may include a plurality of germicidal (e.g., ultraviolet) emitters for surface sterilization of foods that are, e.g., rotated in a drum or rotated via a screw auger. Assemblies of emitters for the germicidal may be constructed to be watertight (i.e., withstand a high pressure, heated water spray), and movable relative to the drum or screw conveyor for easy cleaning and maintenance. The apparatus may also include a controller (e.g., programmable logic controller) for controlling the sterilization process so that the apparatus does not endanger personnel nearby, and so that the food is properly sterilized. The controller may vary the amount of germicidal used, the rate that food traverses the apparatus, the inclination of the apparatus, and terminate sterilization processing when an unsafe condition is detected. The apparatus may be used in-line with other food processing equipment for the real-time sterilization of food. The controller may also communicate with food processing components upstream of the apparatus for controlling the flow of food to the surface sterilizer

Method and apparatus for nondestructively testing food synthetic quality

The invention discloses a non-destructive inspection method for the comprehensive quality of food and a device thereof, wherein image information reflecting characteristics of an inspected object, such as color, texture, size and shape, etc. is acquired by a machine vision system, and spectral information reflecting physical and chemical indexes of the sample such as moisture, sugar, protein, lipid and PH value, etc. is obtained by a spectrographic detection system, and the acquired image information and the spectral information undergo the preprocessing on the data layer and the information integration on the characteristic layer or the decision layer; together with a built food classification grading expert system, the quality of the inspection object is comprehensively graded. The invention comprehensively utilizes the light image information and the spectral information to inspect the appearance and inner quality of food, thereby the invention can make a quick, convenient, non-destructive and objective inspection on the comprehensive quality of food; the method and the device are widely used to classify food materials, monitor the food processing and grade the food, etc., which ensures the quality of food and contributes to the good quality and low price of food.

3D printing rapid forming method of food

InactiveCN105394801AGood for preserving flavorHelps retain nutrientsFood coatingFood shapingChemical reactionThin layer
The invention discloses a 3D printing rapid forming method of a food. The method comprises the following steps: 1, fully mixing food materials with a forming agent A, wherein the food materials are solid materials, and are rubbed in advance; 2, placing the obtained food material and forming agent A mixture in the extruding cylinder of the nozzle of a 3D printer, and placing a forming B in the spray cylinders of the 3D printer; and 3, starting the 3D printer, automatically extruding the food material and forming agent A mixture to the movable working platform of the 3D printer by the 3D printer according to model layering information to prepare an intermediate formed material, uniformly spraying the forming agent B on the extruded intermediate formed material by the spray cylinders of the 3D printer to carry out chemical reaction solidification on the intermediate formed material and the forming agent B in order to form a hard and thin layer on the surface of the food materials, downward moving the working platform for a distance of one layer after one-layer solidification is completed, continuously printing, and repeating spraying, solidifying, moving and printing processes until the required 3D entity food is finally stacked. The method can be applied in the field of food processing, allows many materials to be applied, is not restricted by materials, and is independent of temperature difference solidifying formation.

Spiral quantitative feeding device and stable feeding method

The invention discloses a spiral quantitative feeding device and a stable feeding method. The spiral quantitative feeding device comprises a horizontal spiral conveyor, an automatic feeding adjustment device, a control motor, a drive system, a rotation angle sensor and a single chip microcomputer measurement and control system, wherein the spiral conveyor comprises a spiral shaft, spiral blades, a cylindrical feeding barrel and the like. On one hand, the stable feeding method for the spiral quantitative feeding device reduces the influence on the feeding stability of the spiral feeding device caused by material height change on a storage bin by arranging the automatic feeding adjustment device and eliminates a transient overload phenomenon caused by the extrusion of a material in a spiral material barrel when the device is started next time, on the other hand, the rotating speed and the rotation angle of the motor are controlled by detecting the rotation angle of the spiral shaft by the rotation angle sensor so as to realize accurate quantitative work of the material. The device and the method can be widely used in the transportation, the batching and the packaging production of bulk materials in agriculture, industry, chemical industry and food processing industry.
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