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A trace element is a chemical element whose concentration (or other measure of amount) is very low (a "trace amount"). The exact definition depends on the field of science...

Generation of trace elements within a data processing apparatus

The present invention relates to the generation of trace elements within a data processing apparatus having one or more components whose behaviour is to be traced. A trace module is disclosed which is operable to trace changes in a subset of architectural state of a data processing apparatus with which the trace module is coupled. The trace module comprises a trace generation unit operable to receive input signals from one or more components of the data processing apparatus indicative of a change in the subset of architectural state and to generate from one or more of the input signals a number of trace elements indicative of the change so as to enable a recipient of the trace elements to subsequently reconstruct the subset of architectural state. The trace module also comprises a table maintained by the trace generation unit to identify architectural state derivable from previously generated trace elements, the trace generation unit referencing the table in order to determine which trace elements to generate during the trace generation. By providing a table which identifies architectural state which is derivable from previously generated trace elements, the number of trace elements that need to be generated is significantly reduced. This reduction is achieved because the table provides a record of the architectural state which has already been provided to the recipient. Knowing the architectural state which has already been provided to the recipient enables the trace generation unit to determine whether changes in architectural state can be derived by the recipient. Accordingly, the trace generation unit can refer to the table and only those trace elements relating to changes in architectural state which are not derivable by the recipient need be generated. Hence, if the trace generation unit determines that the recipient is able to derive architectural state then no trace elements relating to those changes need be generated.

Plant enzyme and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a preparation method for plant enzymes. According to the method, a plurality of plants, vegetables and fruits, seeds, herbal medicines, mushrooms and alga are used as raw materials, natural extraction of plant enzymes is carried out to obtain liquid containing plant active components, and a liquid stock solution of plant enzymes is obtained after fermentation and maturation of the liquid containing plant active components; the obtained liquid stock solution of plant enzymes contains a multienzyme ferment, a protein decomposition enzyme, a fat decomposition enzyme, a starch decomposition enzyme, proanthocyanidin, a plurality of natural vitamins, mineral matters, amino acids, trace elements, etc. The obtained liquid stock solution of plant enzymes is prepared into plant enzyme oral liquid, plant enzyme solid powder or plant enzyme capsules. The preparation method provided in the invention has the following advantages: preparation conditions in the method are simulation of natural generation conditions of enzymes, so preparation theory is scientific; preparation equipment is simple, applicable to large scale production; obtained plant enzymes never contain artificial pigments, synthetic fragrances or antiseptics, and are pure natural. The plant enzymes can be extensively used in health products or cosmetic and make-up products.

Seed coating agent special for direct seeding rice

InactiveCN101310582AEfficiently regulate changes in moisture contentRegulating changes in moisture contentSeed coating/dressingDiseaseAdditive ingredient
The invention discloses a seed coating agent specially used for direct seeding rice, which is characterized in that the seed coating agent mainly contains the following ingredients by weight: 2 to 8 percent of super absorbent resin, 1 to 5 percent of oxygenates, 0.1 to 0.5 percent of sparrow and rat destruction agent , 0.5 to 2 percent of bactericide, 0.5 to 2 percent of pesticide, 0.02 to 0.2 percent of plant growth regulator, 3 to 10 percent of trace element fertilizer and the margin is special type mineral clay. The powder raw materials are crushed to more then 100 meshes and are mixed evenly, the mixture is coated on the surfaces of rice seeds by a seed-coating method for direct sowing, thus clay sacculus integrating 'a small water reservoir, a small oxygen reservoir, a small drug storage and a small fertilizer storage' are formed around the rice seeds and at the roots of seedlings; the seed coating agent has the effects of preserving and providing water, ventilating and providing oxygen, promoting seedling emergency, preventing diseases and killing pests, preventing mice and destructing sparrows, strengthening seedlings and roots and increasing production. The seed coating agent is also characterized by low dosage, low cost, simple and convenient operation, and the like, thereby being applicable to coating rice seeds which are directly sowed both on flooded paddy fields and dry paddy fields.

Feed for early weaned suckling pigs

The invention relates to a feed for early weaned piglets, which belongs to the field of the feed. Main ingredients of the feed comprise expanded corn, full-fat soybean, fat powder, steam fish meal, acidified whey powder, fermented soybean meal, a complex enzyme preparation, a micro-ecological preparation, amino acids, complex vitamins, complex trace elements and the like. The digestive physiological characteristics of the weaned piglets are fully considered on the selection and the processing of raw materials, thereby greatly improving the palatability and the digestion rate of the feed; simultaneously, through the synergistic compatibility of an egg yolk antibody, lactein, sodium humate and the complex micro-ecological preparation, the diarrhea rate of the weaned piglets is reduced, the effects are superior to those of adding antibiotics into the feed, and the feed is the green, environmentally-friendly and nuisanceless feed. An animal feeding experiment proves that the feeding effects are ideal, the palatability is good, the piglets after weaning are high in average feed intake, fast in daily weight gain and low in diarrhea rate, and the feed has a good promoting effect for growth and health conditions of the weaned piglets and can meet the demands of most of raisers at present.

Liquid silicon fertilizer and technique for producing the same

The invention relates to a liquid silicon fertilizer and a production technique thereof, and belongs to the technical field of fertilizer. The liquid silicon fertilizer is characterized in that raw materials comprise soluble silicon, urea, trace elements, chelate and fulvic acid, which are prepared into the balanced compound fertilizer. The production technique comprises the following steps: 1, dissolving solid potassium metasilicate; 2, dissolving sulfate of the trace elements in water, and adding EDTA into the mixture to obtain the chelate of the EDTA trace elements; and adding boric acid, ammonium molybdate, the urea and the fulvic acid into the mixture after cooling and filtration; and 3, blending the chelate into the mixture to obtain the liquid silicon fertilizer. The production technique is characterized in that (1) the production technique uses water glass and the fulvic acid chelate, has better buffer action for alkali, and can effectively improve stability of SiO3; and (2) the trace elements are chelated twice by using the EDTA and the fulvic acid to form chelated metal ions, so as to prevent silicic acid radicals and the metal ions reacting to form silicate difficult to be dissolved in water, and influence utilization rate of silicon element. The production technique uses the liquid potassium metasilicate and large amount of elements, trace elements and organic substances to establish a balanced compound system, and can effectively improve utilization rate of the silicon element and various nutrient elements for the crops.

Compound amino acid organic fertilizer and production method of compound amino acid organic fertilizer

The invention disclose a compound amino acid organic fertilizer, which is characterized in that the compound amino acid organic fertilizer consists of the following ingredients in parts by weight: 5 to 10 of compound amino acid, 0.3 to 0.5 of microbial yeasts, 16 to 29 of inorganic fertilizers, 5 to 10 of humic acid fertilizers and 0.2 to 1 of trace elements. A production method of the compound amino acid organic fertilizer comprises the following steps that: firstly, compound amino acid water solution, the microbial yeasts and the humic acid fertilizers are respectively prepared, then, inorganic compounds containing boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc are added into the compound amino acid water solution, and the chelation is carried out at a temperature being 80 to 110 DEG C so that the mixture becomes free-state chelated amino acid salt; after the metering, 10 to 50kg of raw materials are added into each ton of farmyard manure to be mixed, then, the mixed materials are placed into a warehouse for natural stacking and curing for 3 to 5 days and can be pelletized and packed to leave factories. The compound amino acid organic fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer and an additional fertilizer and belongs to a compound organic fertilizer capable of improving the amino acid content of high-quality fragrant rice and fruit and vegetables, improving the fruit and vegetable quality and improving the sugar content of sugarcanes.

Rare-earth-containing ultrahigh strength collapse-resistant petroleum casing and production method thereof

A rare-earth-containing ultrahigh strength collapse-resistant petroleum casing and a production method thereof belong to the technical fields of ferrous metal smelting and metal press working. The petroleum casing comprises the following raw materials by weight percent: 90% of blast furnace molten iron and 10% of high quality steel scrap. The casing blank comprises the following chemical components by weight percent: 0.18-0.35% of C, 0.10-0.35% of Si, 0.55-1.10% of Mn, less than or equal to 0.025% of P, less than or equal to 0.020% of S, 0.60-1.10% of Cr, 0.15-0.50% of Mo, 0.01-0.03% of Al, 0.0005-0.0100% of RE ( RE is the mixed rare earth metals of Ce and La and the weight percents of Ce and La are 67% and 33% respectively), less than 0.10% of Cu, less than 0.10% of Ni and the balance of Fe and trace elements. The process flow of the production method is as follows: pretreating molten iron, smelting in a top-bottom blowing converter, refining in a ladle furnace (LF), performing VD vacuum treatment, performing continuous casting of round billets, performing flame cutting, heating the casing blanks, boring, performing continuous rolling, performing sizing and diameter reducing, cooling, performing saw cutting, performing heat treatment, straightening, performing flaw inspection and lathing screw threads. The mechanical properties of the petroleum casing are as follows: the strength is no less than 140000PSI, the residual stress is no more than 80MPa, the impact power is no less than 80J and the grain size is no less than the grade 8. The product is characterized in that the residual stress is low, the content of harmful elements is low, the impact toughness is high, the grains are small, and the product resists extrusion and is difficult to damage.

Microbial organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and preparation methods thereof

The invention relates to microbial organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and preparation methods thereof, belonging to the field of fertilizer production. Firstly, chicken manure, grass peat, brown sugar, carbamide, powdered rock phosphate, rice bran or wheat bran and zymocyte are proportionally mixed and then are fermented, and the microbial organic fertilizer can be prepared by adding functional bacteria to the mixture after the fermentation; and inorganic fertilizer, medium trace elements, humic acid, biologic protein and functional bacteria are proportionally added to the prepared microbial organic fertilizer, the obtained mixture is thoroughly stirred and then is processed by granulation, polishing, drying and screening, thereby obtaining the compound fertilizer. The functional bacteria include photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, microzyme, Gram positive actinomycetes, phosphate-solubilizing bacteria, potassium-solubilizing bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The fertilizer prepared by the invention can effectively improve the ecology environment for the growth of crop, increase the quality of the crop, inhibit plant diseases and insect pests and kill pathogenic bacteria, and the medium trace elements contained are of many types, are sufficient in quantities and present high fertilizer efficiency; and during application, the fertilizer just needs to be applied for once, thereby saving labor power and causing no environmental pollution.
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