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Orchid aseptic sowing and test tube seedling propagation method and broad-spectrum culture medium adopted

The invention discloses a breeding method for aseptic seeding and test tube seedling formation of orchids and the adopted broad-spectrum culture medium. In this method, a healthy orchid mother plant is selected, and artificially pollinated when it blooms, and the fruit that develops to maturity after pollination and has not cracked is used as an explant, or the orchid fruit that is basically mature and not cracked is taken from the wild as an explant. Implants undergo reproductive steps such as aseptic sowing, seed germination, strong seedling cultivation, and test-tube seedling transplantation. The specially prepared medium is used for aseptic sowing and seed germination to obtain small plants, and then the small plants are cultivated on the specially prepared strong seedling medium, and the seedlings are hardened under natural light in the greenhouse for 7-14 hours before being released from the bottle. One day, the test-tube seedlings were taken out, the root medium was washed off, and they were planted in a mixed substrate of bark, bluestone and peat, and further cultivated into seedlings. The invention has the characteristics of high seed germination rate, fast seedling growth, good seedling quality, low cost, etc., can obtain a large number of test-tube seedlings in a short period of time, and the transplanting survival rate of the seedlings can be kept above 90%. An effective way can be provided for the production of orchid seedlings.

Method for tissue-culture breeding and wild-simulated cultivation of dendrobium candidum

The invention discloses a method for tissue-culture breeding and wild-simulated cultivation of dendrobium candidum, which comprises: inoculating dendrobium candidum tender straw slices onto a culturemedium for culture under conditions of a temperature of 22 to 24 DEG C and an illuminance of 1,000 to 1,500 Lx to first induce the growth of calles to form protocorms and then promote the multiplicative growth of the protocorms into 5 to 8 centimeter strong seedlings; and moving the seedlings out of a culture room, hardening the seedlings at a normal temperature for 3 to 5 days and transplanting the seedlings into the ground in a green house. The plane basic layer of a cultivation check field in the green house are provided with spaced breather holes; the upper layer of the cultivation check field is a cultivation medium; the seedlings are planted at a row spacing of 12*8cm and a spacing in the row of 12*8cm; in the green house, the temperature is 0 to 28 DEG C, the humidity is 60 to 70 percent and the shade density is 70 to 80 percent; and disease and pest prevention and control are carried out periodically and the dendrobium candidum can be harvested in 3 to 4 years. The method improves the civil year breeding coefficient of the dendrobium candidum by about 10 times, provides enough seedlings for large-scale cultivation, solves the problem of wild-simulated cultivation and realizes scale cultivation.
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