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In computer programming an assembly is a runtime unit consisting of types and other resources. All types in an assembly have the same version number. Often, one assembly has only one namespace and is used by one program. But it can span over several namespaces. Also, one namespace can spread over several assemblies. In large designs, an assembly may consist of multiple files that are held together by a manifest (i.e. a table of contents).

Method for accessing relational databases of different types

InactiveCN101645074AReduce complexityExecution efficiency advantageSpecial data processing applicationsRound complexitySyntax
The invention relates to a method for accessing relational databases of different types, comprising the following steps: encapsulating aiming at difference by analyzing and identifying the differenceof the relational databases of different types and editions; externally providing a consistent programming access interface in an assembly way, uniformly transferring a standard and a writing form foran SQL statement syntax and various database functions and commands and shielding the difference caused by the relational databases of different types and editions; internally respectively and pointedly realizing the shielding of the difference according to the types and the editions of the databases, and when the difference of the types and the editions of the databases is shielded, using two methods, i.e. the programming access interface and the SQL statement syntax, to encapsulate the difference. The two methods can be used together, therefore not only the effect on shielding the difference of the types and the editions of the databases can be achieved but also the complexity of realizing programming can be lower; meanwhile, the invention is lighter and has obvious advantages on execution efficiency corresponding to a way of using a complete private SQL statement syntax to define, analyze and translate the SQL statement syntax.

Method of automatically generating layering exploded view

The invention provides a method of automatically generating a layering exploded view. The method comprises the following steps of obtaining a three-dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) assembly drawing; extracting constrained relationships among parts of an assembly body in the three-dimensional CAD assembly drawing to obtain a contact-connection matrix and an extension interference matrix; planning a layering assembly sequence; automatically generating the layering exploded view. According to the method, an automatic exploded view generating technology and assembly modeling, assembly sequence planning and simulation technologies are combined for research, the extension interference matrix and a generation method of the extension interference matrix are provided, and the integrated flow of the assembly planning is realized on the basis of a multi-rule screening ASP (Assembly Sequence Planning) algorithm and an automatic exploded view generation method based on the ASP. According to the invention, each link of the assembly planning is remolded by layering, the advantages of the layering used for processing the complicated product exploded view generation process are analyzed, and according to the assembly relationship matrix, the assembly relationship matrix generation, a sub assembly body planning, the ASP algorithm and the layering exploded view generation flow sequences, the procedures are carried out in sequence.

Code static detection method

The invention discloses a code static detection method, particularly relates to an LLVM IR (low level virtual machine intermediate representation) based symbol execution algorithm in the technical field of utilization of initial values of variable symbols of given programs, and solves the problems of single supported language and incapability of better processing pointers and aliases for a static detection method in the prior art and the problems in detecting potential program bugs and the like. The method comprises the steps of: (1) obtaining a source code, and preprocessing and converting the source code into an LLVM assembly program; (2) simulating interpretive execution of the LLVM assembly program obtained by conversion by applying the symbol execution algorithm, and recording the symbol value of each variable in different paths and the constraint conditions of each path; and (3) according to the recorded symbol value of each variable in different paths and constraint conditions of each path, calling an SMT (satisfiability modulo theories) solver Z3 to check whether the symbol value of the variable meets the path constraint and the bug constraint, and judging whether the program has potential bugs. The method is applied to array bound overflow, division by zero and null pointer dereference.

Assembly method

A method of locating an assembly point (P) on a first part (40), at which assembly point the first part is to be joined to a second part (1), the method comprising the steps of: determining an assembly location (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d) in respect of the second part; measuring a portion (42a, 42b, 42c) of a surface (43) of the first part, the surface being spaced away from the second part, so as to define the position and orientation of the surface; and, calculating the assembly point on the surface of the first part, where the surface of the first part is intersected by a vector (N) passing between the determined assembly location and the surface of the first part.

Method and apparatus for protecting application security based on virtual machine

The invention discloses a method and apparatus for protecting application security based on a virtual machine. The method comprises the following steps: obtaining a code of an application, and judging whether each function in the code contains a preset protection identifier; if the function contains the preset protection identifier, compiling the function into an assembly instruction that is executed on the basis of the virtual machine; and linking execution logic of the virtual machine with the assembly instruction that is executed on the basis of the virtual machine to generate a target program of the application. In the scheme, the code in the function containing the preset protection identifier is virtually compiled through an operation environment of the assembly instruction corresponding to the application self-defined by the virtual machine, the entire virtual compilation process is irreversible and cannot be restored, therefore even if decompilation is performed on the virtualized assembly instruction, the obtained code is not the original code of the application, and thus the security of the code of the application is protected.

Method for debugging binary application program based on dynamic inverse compiling technique

The invention relates to a debug method of a binary application program based on a dynamic decompiling technology. Debug staff starts the application program by a debugger or assigns a process number of a process to be debugged, if the debugged program is started by the debugger, the debugger records a process number of a sub-process; when the program is executed to a breakpoint, an operating system suspends the debugged program, and the debugger obtains a command; an instruction of the debugged program is obtained by a system call or application programming interface (API) which is provided by the operating system, the instruction is decompiled by the dynamic decompiling technology, and the obtained C language code is displayed to the debug staff. The debug method has the advantages of being capable of facilitating the debug staff to debug the binary application program without reading complicated assembly codes, and effectively enhancing efficiency of debugging programs.

Intelligent development platform for database application system

ActiveCN103425778AReal-time maintenance or expansion of application system functionsRealize management innovationSpecial data processing applicationsSpecific program execution arrangementsOperating instructionSystems design
The invention discloses an intelligent development platform for a database application system. The intelligent development platform comprises an intelligent development platform support resource base, a special assembly base, a system design information base, a system building module, a demand information collection module, a base table building and management module, an application assembly design module, a menu design and assembly link module and a system maintenance and authority management module. When the platform is used for developing the database system, any programming is not needed, only the interface configuration is needed through information with various functions, the operation enters the corresponding configuration interface according to the sequence given by the platform, the design information is configured through being guided by operation instructions and cases, the platform can select the proper solving technology according to the information, a database and an application system required by users can be automatically built, and the functions of the application system can be maintained or expanded in time. The intelligent development platform has the advantages that the development difficulty of the database application system can be greatly reduced, the development efficiency is improved, bugs generated during the program development are avoided, and the management innovation in the application can be realized.

Application software realization method and device as well as computer equipment

The invention provides an application software realization method and device as well as computer equipment, wherein the method comprises the following steps that an assembly assembler in main engineering receives service information transmitted from service logics in the main engineering; an encapsulation assembly corresponding to a service logic identification in the service information is determined by the assembly assembler according to the corresponding relationship of the preset service logic identification and the encapsulation assembly; in the process that the assembly assembler calls the corresponding assembly according to assembly calling information contained in the corresponding encapsulation assembly, service parameters in the service information are used as configuration parameters of the assembly, and the assembly belongs to sub engineering; the assembly assembler returns an operation result to the corresponding service logic. When the technical scheme provided by the invention is adopted, application software has the characteristics that the expansion is easy, the reconstitution is easy, the debugging is easy, the compilation speed is higher, and the like; the quality of the application software is finally improved.

Process module library and programming environment for programming a manipulator process

A process module library according to the invention for programming a manipulator process, in particular an assembly process, comprises a plurality of parametrisable process modules (''search()'',''peg_in_hole()'',''gear()'',''screw()'') for carrying out a sub-process which in particular is common to different manipulator processes. Each of the process modules comprises a plurality of basic commands of a common set of basic commands for carrying out a basic operation, in particular an atomic or molecular operation, and a process module can be linked, in particular mathematically, to a further process module and / or a basic command. During programming, a manipulator can be controlled by means of a functional module of a graphic programming environment (100).

Testing system of power assembly

The invention provides a testing system of a power assembly, and belongs to the technical field of testing of power systems. The testing system at least comprises a power testing machine, a first control module, an upper computer module and an extension control protocol developing module, wherein the first control module is used for correspondingly controlling the power testing machine, the upper computer module is configured to define different working conditions according to a state machine architecture so as to continuously switch between different working conditions, and perform communication with a power assembly controller in any state according to a ASAM-MCD (association for standardization of automation and measuring systems - measurement, calibration and diagnosis) communication protocol, the extension control protocol developing module is used for developing an extension control protocol between the upper computer module and the first control module, and the remote communication is performed between the first control module and a second control module which is integrated into the upper computer module according to the extension control protocol, so as to control the power testing machine on the basis of the second control module. The testing system has the advantages that the compatibility and the extendibility are good, the continuous switching between different working conditions is easy, the cost is low, and the testing period is short.

System and method for tamper-proofing executable binary assemblies

A method, system and computer program product for tamper-proofing an executable assembly, including identifying assembly-time constants in source code; encrypting the assembly-time constants during the assembly process using public key cryptography; and signing the executable assembly using a digital signature. The executable assembly, at run-time, decrypts the assembly-time constants using the digital signature. A hashing function, a compression function or a one-way cryptographic block function is used to encrypt the assembly-time constants. Different keys or the same keys can be used to launch the assembly and to encrypt the assembly-time variables. The assembly-time constants are placed into a heap prior to the encrypting step. The assembly-time constants include strings and databases.

Ball valve dynamic characteristic parameter test system and test method

The invention relates to the technical field of valve assembly and testing, in particular to a ball valve dynamic characteristic parameter test system and test method. The ball valve dynamic characteristic parameter test system comprises a hardware control system for a ball valve dynamic characteristic parameter test and a software control system based on virtual instrument programming. As a carrier and an execution part of virtual instrument software, the hardware control system completes action including test medium automatic switching, test medium pressure and flow automatic adjusting, servo motor drive ball valve opening degree automatic adjusting and the like. The software system adopts a programming mode based on a virtual instrument, and is used for pressure data acquisition and data pre-processing, flow data acquisition and data pre-processing, test medium temperature data acquisition and data pre-processing, ball valve dynamic characteristic parameter automatic analyzing and saving, and characteristic parameter curve real-time displaying. Through the coordination of the hardware system and the software system, the invention achieves the automatic test and analysis of two types of dynamic characteristic parameters which are opening degree, pressure, flow and temperature characteristics of a ball valve and a dead zone characteristic.

Off-line programming track generation method and two-robot-collaborative assembly system based on method

The invention discloses an off-line programming track generation method and a two-robot-collaborative assembly system based on the method. The system involves a two-robot workpiece assembly area witha visual unit, computers, and a wireless module used for communication. The two-robot-collaborative assembly system is started, the visual unit is triggered to collect an image of a workpiece to be assembled, and the two computers are used for obtaining a track required by assembling the workpiece and a code corresponding to the track through running off-line programming software and using the track generation method. Through running the code, in a mutual communication state, two robots can complete single-machine independent assembly work, and can also complete two-machine-collaborative assembly work. According to the system, the simulated and actual assembly processes of two-robot-collaborative assembly work under the offline programming software environment can be safely and stably realized, so that the whole assembly process is safe, reliable, high in precision, and high in robustness; and the system is suitable for the assembly environments of various types of workpieces, so thatthe application requirements of two-robot-collaborative assembly can be met.

Computer interface magnetic attraction assembly and anti-falling computer interface device

The invention discloses an anti-falling computer interface device. The invention belongs to the technical field of computers, and the problem that when the computer interface is connected with the plug, the computer interface is easily dragged off due to external force is solved; the device is characterized by comprising a computer interface magnetic attraction assembly, a plug mechanism and an interface mechanism, clamping arms of the computer interface magnetic attraction assembly are symmetrically arranged on the lifting plate. The clamping arms are connected with a clamping jaw; a computerinterface magnetic attraction assembly provided with the clamping jaw and the clamping arms is installed on an interface mechanism. According to the invention, the anti-falling clamping grooves usedfor clamping the clamping jaws are formed in the plug mechanism, after the plug mechanism is inserted into the interface mechanism, the clamping jaws are clamped into the anti-falling clamping grooves, falling prevention of the computer interface device is achieved, stability is good, the plug mechanism is effectively prevented from being dragged by external force to fall off, and the anti-fallingeffect is good.
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