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Method and apparatus for automatic generation of information system user interfaces

A method and apparatus for the specification and automatic generation of user interfaces of information system (computer programs) is provided. The method is based in pattern language to specify requirements in an un-ambiguous mode and with precise semantics. The pattern language allows a user interface model to be composed using elements of the pattern language (computer objects in the object oriented programming style) which fully specify the desired user interface. The semantics of the objects in the user interface model have one and only one definition such that user interface model can be validated in a validation process. The validation process eliminates bugs in the final computer program code which is automatically produced from the user interface model. A model (metamodel), an editor tool (computer program) implementing the model for creating specifications of the user interface model, DTD specification, code generators, and other artifacts are depicted and described here for obtaining such user interfaces for different platforms (computers and operating systems) and different programming languages without manual coding of the computer code to implement the user interface. The software obtained is ready to run and it is able to communicate with a business server component using a standardized Application Programmatic Interface (API).

Computer Method and Apparatus for Providing Model to Model Transformation Using an MDA Approach

A Model Transformation Authoring Framework (MTAF)method and apparatus for authoring and providing model-to-model transformations from one domain to another domain is disclosed. Given a domain and a target domain, at least the given domain having a respective structured hierarchy, the invention system enables a user to specify a declarative mapping (transformation declarative) between a domain specific language modeling the given domain and a modeling language modeling the target domain. The declarative mapping models how the domain specific language modeling the given domain relates to the modeling language of the target domain. The system generates a transformation code implementation of a transformation from the given domain to the target domain. The MTAF provides to the user design decisions with respect to Specification, Transformation Rules, Rule Organization, Rule Application Control, Source-Target Relationship, Incrementality, and Directionality and Tracing. The generated transformation code is executed at runtime to perform the transformation of the domain specific language of the given domain to the modeling language of the target domain. Instances of models of the target domain resulting from the performed transformation at runtime may be output to other model transformations, to JET templates, or may be persisted, merged or chained among other post processing.
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