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Color OLED display with improved power efficiency

A color OLED display includes an array of light emitting OLED pixels, each pixel having three or more gamut elements for emitting different colors of light specifying a gamut and at least one additional element for emitting a color of light within the gamut and wherein the power efficiency of the additional element is higher than the power efficiency of at least one of the three or more gamut elements; wherein all of the gamut elements for each color in the display are arranged in a first direction in a line such that no differently colored gamut element is in the line; wherein the colored gamut elements are arranged in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction in a line such that the colors of the gamut elements alternate in that line; and wherein the additional elements are arranged in lines in both the first and second directions.

Cast form water borne coating and technique for preparing the same

The invention relates to an auxiliary material for casting a mould, in particular to a casting mould water-based coating formulation for a sand mould or an expendable pattern casting (EPC), and a process for preparing the same. The casting mould water-based coating formulation consists of refractory powder, a suspending agent, a bonding agent, a surfactant, a defoaming agent, a corrosion remover and water. The process comprises the following steps: adding the suspending agent to the water directly, and mixing and dispersing the mixture in a high speed dispersion machine; adding auxiliary agents including the defoaming agent, the surfactant, the corrosion remover, and the like to the water, and mixing the auxiliary agents; adding the refractory powder to the mixture to be mixed; and adding the bonding agent to the mixture to be mixed, and then adding water to adjust the coating until the coating has the thickness in a using state to obtain the finished product. The coating prepared by the process has the effects that the coating ensures that a high-density low-viscosity coating has excellent suspension property and storage stability, a coating layer is not easy to crack after drying, the coating is advantageous to improve the capacity of the coating to resist high temperature metal corrosion, and the like.

Halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic elastomer electrical cable material using polyphenylene ether as base material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic elastomer cable material with polyphenylether as the base materials and a preparation method thereof. The raw material of the cable material contains the components with the following weight percentage: 10 to 35 percent of matrix resin A; 5 to 15 percent of matrix resin B; 10 to 25 percent of elastomer; 5 to 25 percent of softening plasticizer; 8 to 15 percent of flame-retardant plasticizer; 20 to 40 percent of smoke-suppression flame retardant; 3 to 10 percent of compatilizer; 1 to 5 percent of lubricant; 1 to 5 percent of powder surface conditioner; 0 to 10 percent of mineral filler; 0.1 to 1 percent of stabilizing agent. The invention adds matrix resin, polyphenylether of strong polarity and functional group of styrene-ethylene / butylene-styrene segmented copolymer, which effectively improves the compatibility of non-polar elastomer with polyphenylether; the invention also adds plasticizer, which reduces the hardness of the material and increases the flexibility; and through the optimization and interaction of the softening plasticizer and the flame-retardant plasticizer, the invention reduces the hardness and improves the tactility of the material, and the flame retardant performance is excellent.

Blend of fluorubber and silastic, and preparation thereof

The invention relates to a blend of fluorine rubber and silicone rubber, as well as a preparation method thereof. The composition in weight percentage of the blend of fluorine rubber and silicone rubber is as follows: 12 to 50 percent of fluorine rubber, 12 to 50 percent of silicone rubber, 2.5 to 10 percent of compatibilizer, 2.5 to 10 percent of acid-acceptor, 12 to 35 percent of reinforcing filler, 0.5 to 7 percent of constitution controller, 0.5 to 3 percent of vulcanizing agent and 0.5 to 4 percent of crosslinking additive. The blend of fluorine rubber and silicone rubber is prepared by a mechanical blending method and is vulcanized by use of peroxides. Vulcanized rubber has good mechanical properties, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, oil resistance and low-compression permanent deformation performance, and can be used for producing and manufacturing high-performance rubber tubes, adhesive tapes, sealing elements, rubber linings and the like needed in automobile, mechanical, chemical, aerospace and other industries.

Nano porous high-temperature-insulating material taking thixotropic colloid as template agent and preparation method for high-temperature-insulating material

InactiveCN105314999AAvoid reunion and scatter problemsSimple preparation processCeramicwareThermal conductivityAerospace
The invention relates to a high-temperature-insulating material and a preparation method therefor and particularly relates to the high-temperature-insulating material, which has a nano porous structure, prepared through forming an aqueous-phase uniform three-dimensional-network nano porous structure by taking thixotropic colloid as a template agent and adding a binding agent, aggregates, powder materials, an opacifier and admixtures. The preparation method for the high-temperature-insulating material, disclosed by the invention, is simple and easy in operation, low in production cost and environment-friendly and safe in process, does not need high-pressure special equipment, is free of combustible and explosive or other harmful substances and is beneficial to mass production. The high-temperature-insulating material disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and low coefficient of thermal conductivity, can be used for preparing high-temperature-insulating bricks, heat-insulating plates, special-shaped pieces and coating materials and can be applied to the heat insulating protection of equipment such as high-temperature furnace hearths, pipelines and valves in the fields of aerospace and military industries, metallurgical forging, petroleum refining, electric power and the like, so that the safety of use and the level of energy saving and consumption lowering are improved.

Method for Sending and Detecting Downlink Control Information

InactiveUS20120033627A1Low total numberLess signal overheadTransmission path divisionSignal allocationCarrier signalPower control
A method for sending and detecting downlink control information is provided. A base station carries the downlink control information in a physical downlink control channel, and sends said physical downlink control channel through component carriers. Said base station bears first type downlink control information on an anchor component carrier, and bears third type downlink control information on a prime component carrier, wherein said first type downlink control information bears one or more types of uplink scheduling information, downlink scheduling information and uplink power control information of its component carrier, said third type downlink control information bears indication information of the second type downlink control information which bears the uplink scheduling information and / or the downlink scheduling information of one or more component carriers. A terminal detects the first type downlink control information on the anchor component carries and detects the third type downlink control information on the prime component carrier.
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