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Autonomous type underwater robot by simultaneous positioning and map constructing method

The invention belongs to an underwater navigation and delivery vehicle, and in particular relates to an autonomous underwater robot which adopts a simultaneous positioning and map establishing method. The autonomous underwater robot takes a scanning and imaging sonar as a main sensor and simultaneous positioning and map establishing as a main method, and can complete autonomous navigation in a complex submarine environment. The autonomous underwater robot comprises a main computer subsystem, a data acquisition subsystem, a power supply subsystem, an inertial navigation subsystem, an under-deck parameter detection subsystem, a propeller control subsystem, an external sensor subsystem, a redundant self-rescue subsystem and a distress alarm subsystem, wherein the power supply subsystem comprises a main power supply subsystem and a spare power supply subsystem; and the data acquisition subsystem is communicated with the main computer subsystem through the Ethernet in the aspect of upward communication, and communicated with other subsystems through a CAN bus in the aspect of downward communication. The autonomous underwater robot is particularly suitable for the unknown complex submarine environment, and has low manufacturing cost and low operating cost at sea, and good reliability.

Automatic assembling machine for automobile door hinge

The invention belongs to the technical field of assembly of automobile components, and particularly relates to an automatic assembling machine for an automobile door hinge. The automatic assembling machine comprises an annular plate and a transmission rotation disk which is arranged in the middle of the annular plate and rotates intermittently; follow-up clamps with the number corresponding to that of processes are distributed on the surface of the plate; the transmission rotation disk is also provided with pushing mechanisms which are used for pushing the follow-up clamps to move along the surface of the transmission rotation disk in the radial direction; and a clamp positioning mechanism and a process execution mechanism are distributed on the surface of the annular plate; the pushing mechanism has two position states, wherein one of the positioning states is that the pushing mechanism pushes the clamp to extend out of the transmission rotation disk to reach the clamp positioning mechanism for positioning to ensure that the process execution mechanism can performing assembly of the process; and the other position state is that: after the process is finished, the clamp is driven to be contacted to the transmission rotation disk and is separated from the clamp positioning mechanism of the assembly position of the process. The automatic assembling machine has a simple structure, is easy to maintain and operate, greatly reduces the operation cost of hinge assembly manufacturers, and improves the running reliability of equipment.

Continuous methods of making microporous battery separators

A continuous method of making dry-stretch microporous membrane battery separators from polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) or both benefits to the manufacturers in the production efficiency. The precursor-film extrusion in this invention is accomplished by multiple small film-extrusion lines at a compatible line speed with the followed oven processes (annealing and stretching). The overall production process starts continuously from film extrusion to annealing and to stretching. The benefits of the inventive continuous process includes a higher product yield, more effective oven-time usage, no need to handle and manage the intermediate products, less need in labor and machine maintenance, and potentially more stable product quality.
The dry-stretch membrane separators made with this inventive continuous method include (1) single-ply PP or PE separators having a thickness ranging from 0.2 mil to 2.0 mil; (2) PP/PE/PP trilayer microporous membrane separators having a thickness ranging from 0.6 mil to 4.0 mil. The PP/PE/PP trilayer can be accomplished in the early extrusion via either co-extrusion or extruding separately and then interposing PE layer between two PP layers, continuously, right before annealing/bonding and stretching process.

Managing system and method for cellphone application in mobile lease and restitution of vehicle

The invention discloses a managing system and a managing method for cellphone application in mobile lease and restitution of vehicle. The managing system comprises a cellphone terminal of an administrator, a server terminal and an information center data base. The managing method comprises the steps of: prestoring user information, vehicle information, and the like in the information center data base, receiving at least one kind of request information and at least one kind of user information sent from the cellphone terminal of the administrator by the server terminal, and returning corresponding execution result to the cellphone terminal of the administrator according to corresponding information data prestored in the information center data base, meanwhile, modifying corresponding information recorded in the information center data base at least according to partial execution result. According to the invention, a platform that can realize lease management of vehicle among multiple districts and multiple companies is established, vehicle lease, restitution and fee charging are realized more conveniently for clients, purposes of intensive management and full utilization of vehicles are achieved, and operating cost is reduced, the method of the invention further benefits resource saving and environmental protection.

Dynamic code lock system and unlocking method

The invention relates to a dynamic code lock system. The dynamic code lock system comprises a lock, a mobile terminal and a cloud server, wherein the mobile terminal is in communication connection with the cloud server; the mobile terminal is in interactive connection with the lock via a dynamic identification code; the lock comprises a lock body, a main controller and a display device, an input module, an encrypting module and an identification code generation module which are connected with the main controller; the identification code generation module is connected with the encrypting module; a decrypting module is arranged in the cloud server and is matched with the encrypting module. An unlocking method of the dynamic code lock system comprises the following steps of generating a random identification code, encrypting the identification code to obtain a code, enabling the code to generate the identification code through the identification code generation module, enabling the mobile terminal to obtain the identification code and upload to the cloud server, enabling the decrypting module to decrypt the code and send to the mobile terminal, and unlocking the lock according to the identification code. The dynamic code lock system has the advantages that under the condition of no communication between the lock and the cloud server, the lock can be unlocked; the operation cost is reduced.

Method for implementing multi-center virtual integration of passenger service system

ActiveCN101330544ASave construction investmentReduce operating costsSpecial service for subscribersService systemOperating model
The invention discloses a method for realizing the multi-center virtual integration of a customer service system. The method realizes the functions of resource sharing and mutual emergency backup of two levels of a platform center and a call center; the platform center and the call center which are mutually independent isolated islands are transformed into a logically integrated customer service system, thereby realizing the function of cross-platform cross-region dynamic scheduling of IVR and call resources according to the platform loads and the operation situation of devices. In addition, the method utilizes a small amount of capacity expanding resources to build a third customer service platform, the backup resources of the original first and the second customer service platforms are released to be converted into the main resources, so the method can not only achieve the purpose of emergency backup of the first and the second customer service systems, but can also fully play the economic benefits of the third customer service platform which is taken as the backup resources; the multi-center virtual integration of seat resources breaks through the traditional dual-center independent operation mode and forms the dual-center collaborative operation mode.

Integrated method and system of active carbon regeneration and hazardous waste incineration

ActiveCN101837365AReduce operating costsCreate economic benefitsWaste processingSolid waste disposalActivated carbonCombustion chamber
The invention discloses integrated method and system of active carbon regeneration and hazardous waste incineration. The system comprises an active carbon regeneration device and a hazardous waste incineration device. In the method, hazardous wastes are in incineration treatment through a multi-section incinerator formed by a rotary kiln and a secondary combustion chamber, high temperature flue gas generated by incineration is led into a rotary active carbon regenerating furnace to provide energy needed by active carbon regeneration, organic pollutants desorbed in the regeneration process is led into the secondary combustion chamber of an incineration system through a glue gas circulation pipeline to be treated in high temperature, and incineration flue gas carries out heat recovery through a waste heat boiler and is exhausted into the atmosphere after being purified by a flue gas purification system. The invention fully utilizes the high temperature flue gas generated by incineration to provide the energy to waste active carbon regeneration, utilizes steam generated by the waste heat boiler to provide a reducing atmosphere to the regeneration process, also completely solves the normal problem of secondary pollution in the process of active carbon regeneration and lowers the investment running cost. Through the integrated design, an integration system has reasonable and compact connection, adopts mature equipment structure and has better economy.

Processing method and system for implementation of net element collocation in multi-standard communication system

The invention provides a processing method and a system of realizing network element configuration in a multi-standard communication system. In the processing steps of the method: after adjusting the configuration information of different standards, the multi-standard network element initiates the configuration of the configuration information to other multi-standard system network elements; and the network element not only can directly provide the configuration information for other multi-standard system network elements, but also can provide the configuration information for other multi-standard system network elements through a set operation and maintenance module. According to the proposal provided by the invention, the multi-standard communication system can allocate the whole multi-standard communication system more reasonably according to such configuration condition as the load information, resource using condition, etc., of each single-modulation network element; if idle resource is dynamically allocated to the multi-standard network element which is relatively lack of the resource so as to comprehensively consider supported configuration information of different standards, the dynamic configuration and the dynamic adjustment of the resource are realized; the resource utilization rate of the multi-standard communication system is increased; and the operation cost of the multi-standard communication system is reduced.
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