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Systems and methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights management and/or other information

Rights management information is used at least in part in a matching, narrowcasting, classifying and/or selecting process. A matching and classification utility system comprising a kind of Commerce Utility System is used to perform the matching, narrowcasting, classifying and/or selecting. The matching and classification utility system may match, narrowcast, classify and/or select people and/or things, non-limiting examples of which include software objects. The Matching and Classification Utility system may use any pre-existing classification schemes, including at least some rights management information and/or other qualitative and/or parameter data indicating and/or defining classes, classification systems, class hierarchies, category schemes, class assignments, category assignments, and/or class membership. The Matching and Classification Utility may also use at least some rights management information together with any artificial intelligence, expert system, statistical, computational, manual, or any other means to define new classes, class hierarchies, classification systems, category schemes, and/or assign persons, things, and/or groups of persons and/or things to at least one class.

Means and method of replacing a heart valve in a minimally invasive manner

A heart valve can be replaced using minimally invasive methods which include a sutureless sewing cuff that and a fastener delivery tool that holds the cuff against the patient's tissue while delivering fasteners to attach the cuff to the tissue from the inside out. The tool stores a plurality of fasteners and is self-contained whereby a fastener is delivered and placed all from inside a vessel. The fasteners are self-forming whereby they do not need an anvil to be formed. Anchor elements are operated from outside the patient's body to cinch a prosthesis to an anchoring cuff of the valve body. The cuff is releasably mounted on the tool and the tool holds the cuff against tissue and drives the fastener through the cuff and the tissue before folding over the legs of the fastener whereby secure securement between the cuff and the tissue is assured. Fasteners are placed and formed whereby fasteners are located continuously throughout the entire circumference of the cuff. A minimally invasive surgical method is disclosed, and a method and tool are disclosed for repairing abdominal aortic aneurysms in a minimally invasive manner. Fasteners that are permanently deformed during the process of attaching the cuff are disclosed as are fasteners that are not permanently deformed during the attaching process.

Methods and apparatus providing electronic messages that are linked and aggregated

A method for associating related electronic messages in computer storage. A first transportable application is created and stored. User input requesting creation of a link from the first transportable application to another transportable application is received. User input that selects a second transportable application from among a plurality of previously created transportable applications is received. A link from the first transportable application to the second transportable application is created and stored. As a result, transportable application may be inter-related in complex message webs. The message webs may also be inter-related in message web rings. Links may be generated manually or automatically, based on context, workflow processes, or other known relationships among applications. Recipient lists and data may propagate among fields of linked transportable applications, directly or according to abstract business rules. Further, multiple-part electronic messages are disclosed. A graphical user interface of an electronic messaging system displays a message in the form of one or more header portions and one or more body portions. Each of the body portions has a selection region. While one body portion is visible at a given time, all the selection regions are continuously visible in the user interface to facilitate selection of any of the body portions at a particular time. Selecting a selection region of a non-displayed body portion causes a server to generate a refreshed user interface that includes the entirety of the selected body portion, and that hides the previously viewed body portion. As a result, a large amount of associated information may be combined in a single message in a way that is clearly organized and easily accessible.
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