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Electric Current. Electric current is the rate of charge flow past a given point in an electric circuit, measured in Coulombs/second which is named Amperes. In most DC electric circuits, it can be assumed that the resistance to current flow is a constant so that the current in the circuit is related to voltage and resistance by Ohm's law.

Multi-channel RF energy delivery with coagulum reduction

A system for efficient delivery of radio frequency (RF) energy to cardiac tissue with an ablation catheter used in catheter ablation, with new concepts regarding the interaction between RF energy and biological tissue. In addition, new insights into methods for coagulum reduction during RF ablation will be presented, and a quantitative model for ascertaining the propensity for coagulum formation during RF ablation will be introduced. Effective practical techniques a represented for multichannel simultaneous RF energy delivery with real-time calculation of the Coagulum Index, which estimates the probability of coagulum formation. This information is used in a feedback and control algorithm which effectively reduces the probability of coagulum formation during ablation. For each ablation channel, electrical coupling delivers an RF electrical current through an ablation electrode of the ablation catheter and a temperature sensor is positioned relative to the ablation electrode for measuring the temperature of cardiac tissue in contact with the ablation electrode. A current sensor is provided within each channel circuitry for measuring the current delivered through said electrical coupling and an information processor and RF output controller coupled to said temperature sensor and said current sensor for estimating the likelihood of coagulum formation. When this functionality is propagated simultaneously through multiple ablation channels, the resulting linear or curvilinear lesion is deeper with less gaps. Hence, the clinical result is improved due to improved lesion integrity.

Computer mouse with enhance control button (s)

A desktop operated computer control mouse including a housing, electronic circuitry within the housing, a user manipulable rotatable ball for pointing control, a plurality of finger depressible buttons exposed on the housing and interfacing with sensors electrically connected with the circuitry. At least some of the finger depressible buttons are for user selection of signals to be sent to the computer for window or screen scroll control, and are associated with sensor(s) which are pressure-sensitive analog sensors structured for varying electrical conductance through at least three readable states or values. The readable states are dependant upon depressive pressure applied to the sensor(s) through the finger depressible button(s). The circuitry is structured to read the at least three readable states of the pressure-sensitive analog sensor(s) and to produce signals representing the state or value of the sensor(s). In one embodiment, the analog sensor(s) are elastomeric dome-cap sensor(s) including pressure-sensitive variable-conductance material positioned over proximal circuit elements of the circuitry. In another embodiment the sensors are packaged sensors including button depressible concavo-convexed conductive disks positioned to compress pressure-sensitive variable-conductance material forming at least a portion of an electrical flow path through the packaged sensor. The analog sensors are associated with window or screen scroll control, and provide user determinable scroll rates dependant upon pressure applied by the user through ergonomically correct finger depressible buttons. Methods of use and manufacture are also disclosed.
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