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Omni-directional antenna system for wireless communication

A wireless device having an improved antenna system is disclosed comprising one or more antenna, preferably circularly polarized antenna, for transmitting or receiving a signal, and one or more floating ground planes, wherein the floating ground plane preferably is electrically isolated from and in sufficient proximity to the antenna so that it is inductively coupled to the antenna. The floating ground plane may comprise one or more of a strip, band, foil, plate, block, wire mesh, sheet or coating of conductive material and, for example, may be a relatively thin copper strip, band, foil or coating. The circularly polarized antenna, preferably comprises a flat planar shaped radiating element sized and configured to resonate at a predetermined, desired frequency, frequencies or band of frequencies, and a flat planar shaped antenna ground, both radiating element and antenna ground formed on the same printed circuit board. The radiating element is electrically isolated from the antenna ground but sufficiently close to resonate at the desired frequencies. Preferably the floating ground plane is larger than or more massive than the antenna ground, and preferably larger than or more massive than the radiating element. In a further embodiment the wireless device comprises a housing for interfacing with a user, the housing comprising a conductive contact exposed to the exterior of the housing and configured to be contacted by a user, wherein the conductive contact is electrically connected to the floating ground plane, preferably so that the user is coupled to the antenna and becomes part of the antenna system. The floating ground plane may also preferably be configured to substantially cover or overlap the antenna, and may also be configured to distribute and propagate the electromagnetic signals away from the head of the user.
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