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In electromagnetism, there are two kinds of dipoles...

Single or multi-mode cardiac activity data collection, processing and display obtained in a non-invasive manner

The method of presenting concurrent information about the electrical and mechanical activity of the heart using non-invasively obtained electrical and mechanical cardiac activity data from the chest or thorax of a patient comprises the steps of: placing at least three active Laplacian ECG sensors at locations on the chest or thorax of the patient; where each sensor has at least one outer ring element and an inner solid circle element, placing at least one ultrasonic sensor on the thorax where there is no underlying bone structure, only tissue, and utilizing available ultrasound technology to produce two or three-dimensional displays of the moving surface of the heart and making direct measurements of the exact sites of the sensors on the chest surface to determine the position and distance from the center of each sensor to the heart along a line orthogonal to the plane of the sensor and create a virtual heart surface; updating the measurements at a rate to show the movement of the heart's surface; monitoring at each ultrasonic sensor site and each Laplacian ECG sensor site the position and movement of the heart and the passage of depolarization wave-fronts in the vicinity; treating those depolarization wave-fronts as moving dipoles at those sites to create images of their movement on the image of the beating heart's surface; and, displaying the heart's electrical activity on the dynamically changing image of the heart's surface with the goal to display an approximation of the activation sequence on the beating virtual surface of the heart

Interstitial microwave antenna with miniaturized choke hyperthermia in medicine and surgery

The present invention relates to minimally invasive surgery techniques. It provides a method for manufacturing an antenna for percutaneous acute hyperthermia microwave applications of the monopole or dipole co-axial type provided with trap, commonly called choke, for blocking the propagation of the backwards reflecting wave towards the generator. The miniaturisation of the device allows a use minimally invasive for interstitial hyperthermia in medicine and surgery, in particular for oncology. The method of manufacturing the antenna provides a metal needle (1) for the introduction of the antenna (2, 3, 4) in the target tissue. On the external conductor (4) of the antenna (2) a metal collar (6) is connected in a predetermined position; a plastics sheath (5) is applied in order to cover the external conductor (2) in the portion between the feed (7) and the collar (6); the inner wall of the metal needle (1) wherein the antenna is inserted is then used for containing and guiding the collar (6) and the sheath (5); in particular, the collar (6) being in electrical contact with the inner wall of the metal needle (1). An antenna is thus obtained with choke of variable length and with miniaturized diameter. A thermocouple can be introduced through the choke that protrudes the directly in the "feed" zone.
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