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Electronically agile dual beam antenna system

The present invention provides an improved antenna system that, in one embodiment, includes an antenna array comprised of a plurality of elements, each of which is capable of providing a signal. Also included in the improved antenna system is a multi-beam beamformer for producing two spatially independent overlapping beams from the signals provided by two different subsets of the antenna array. The phase of the two beams is compared to realize an interferometer that can provide high or fine resolution data on the position of an object relative to the antenna system. The amplitude of the two beams can also be compared to obtain coarse data on the position of the object. The beamformer includes a switching network for selecting which elements of the antenna array form the two subsets. This permits, for example, the position of the beams to moved, the baseline of the two beams to be varied, and/or the beam width of the beams to be altered. To reduce adverse aerodynamic effects in certain applications, the antenna array is located conformal to the exterior surface of the body on which the array is mounted. Further, to reduce temperature related problems associated with high speed movement of the body on which the array is located, the array is located on the side of the body, as opposed to the front of the body. The side location also provides space for other types of sensors that are preferably located adjacent to the front surface of the body.

Multi-signal transmit array with low intermodulation

A transmitter is provided for simultaneously transmitting a plurality of signals in a plurality of directive beams to corresponding destination stations, each destination station located in a separate fan within a service area. The transmitter includes a plurality of beamformers, each beamformer receiving one of the signals to be transmitted to an associated fan, each of the beamformers having a plurality of outputs for each different signal to be transmitted. A plurality of Butler matrices each receive one of the plurality of outputs from the plurality of beamformers for each different signal to be transmitted, each Butler matrix having a plurality of outputs in phased relationship to one another, wherein each of the signals to be transmitted is simultaneously provided across the outputs of each Butler matrix in a phased relationship. An antenna is provided with an aperture within which a two-dimensional array of antenna elements are disposed, wherein equal fractions of adjacent antenna elements are connected to the outputs of each Butler matrix, and wherein each of the plurality of signals are simultaneously transmitted by the entire two-dimensional array of antenna elements. Each of the plurality of beamformers receives steering control signals for steering the direction of each beam within its respective fan.
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