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Cardiac valve procedure methods and devices

The present invention discloses devices and methods for performing intravascular procedures with out: cardiac bypass. The devices include various embodiments of temporary filter devices, temporary valves, and prosthetic valves. The temporary filter devices have one or more cannulae which provide access for surgical tools for effecting repair of the cardiac valves. A cannula may have filters of various configurations encircling the distal region of the cannula, which prevent embolitic material from entering the coronary arteries and aorta. The temporary valve devices may also have one or more cannulae which guide the insertion of the valve into the aorta. The valve devices expand in the aorta to occupy the entire flow path of the vessel. In one embodiment, the temporary valve is a disc of flexible, porous, material that acts to filter blood passing therethrough. A set of valve leaflets extend peripherally from the disc. These leaflets can alternately collapse to prevent blood flow through the valve and extend to permit flow. The prosthetic valves include valve fixation devices which secure the prosthetic valve to the wall of the vessel. In one embodiment, the prosthetic valves have at least one substantially rigid strut, at least two expandable fixation rings located about the circumference of the base of the apex of the valve, and one or more commissures and leaflets. The prosthetic valves are introduced into the vascular system a compressed state, advanced to the site of implantation, expanded and secured to the vessel wall.

Adjustment mechanism for armrest

InactiveUS7159947B1Short widthVehicle seatsStoolsCircular discEngineering
An adjustment mechanism for armrests includes an armrest plane and a lower plate fastened under the armrest plane. A removable block with smaller length is disposed inside the lower plate. Elastic locating rings are disposed on right and left sides of the removable lock, corresponding to linear locating slot composed of a plurality of curved slots on right and left sides of an inner part of the lower plate. Thus the removable block and the lower plate are moving or located relative to each other. A rectangular slot with a rectangular piece whose width is smaller than that of the rectangular slot is mounted on the removable block. And curved slots for location is arranged on side of the rectangular piece so that the rectangular piece and the rectangular slot move transversely and being located, relative to each other. Moreover, a round slot with a disc therein is arranged on the rectangular piece while a plurality of locating slots is mounted on circumference of the disc so that the rectangular piece and the disc rotate and locate relative to each other. By a fastening member inserting through the disc, the rectangular piece, and the transverse slot on bottom of the removable block, the disc is secured on a fastening seat that is secured on the armrest support. Thereby the armrest has adjustable rotation angle, longitudinal displacement and transverse displacement, relative to the armrest support.

Single disc liquid fertilizer opener

ActiveUS20070044694A1Minimize opportunityEliminate premature mechanical failureTill seedingPlantingForce structureCircular disc
A method and apparatus to be mounted upon a planter row unit for delivering liquid fertilizer to the bottom of a trench without contacting the seed to be planted is disclosed and claimed. The system as claimed and described is adapted for mounting to substantially all modern row units employing floating row units. The method and apparatus as described does not interfere with existing down pressure or seed placement systems as found on modern row crop planters. As described and implemented, the method and apparatus is more compact and lighter in weight than the prior art. The attached assembly for a seed planting unit works in combination with a seed trench opener to form a trench for the deposit of liquid fertilizer offset from and parallel to the later formed seed trench. The apparatus allows directed liquid fertilizer delivery in close proximity to the seed trench with minimal disruption of said seed trench. The attachment includes a single disk blade disposed forward of the seed trench forming unit. The single disk blade is disposed at an angle of four degrees or less from the line defining the direction of travel of the seed planting implement in combination with a furrow strap. The attachment includes a selectively adjustable down force structure and a selectively adjustable depth control mechanism.
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