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A Circularly Polarized Antenna with Wide Beamwidth and Small Size

The invention discloses a circular polarized antenna with a wide wave beam width and a small size. The antenna comprises a square paster; two notch grooves of an open circuit of a terminal are arranged on the square paster, wherein the two notch grooves are mutually orthogonal; the paster is fixed on a square grounding reflecting surface by a coaxial line. And four short-circuit columns of the open circuit of the terminal are arranged on the reflecting surface, so that the size of the reflecting surface is reduced. According to the invention, a signal feeding technology is utilized to excite the two orthogonal notch grooves to work in a circular polarization mode. According to the invention, an impedance bandwidth reaches 19%, wherein a standing-wave ratio is less than 2; and a 3d axial ratio bandwidth reaches 3.8%. In an axial ratio bandwidth, a 3d B wave beam width reaches a value by adding 101.4 degrees with 1.4 degrees or subtracting the 1.4 degrees from the 101.4 degrees as well as a gain reaches a value by adding 5.76dBi with 0.18dBi or subtracting the 0.18dBi from the 5.76dBi. The circular polarized antenna has advantages of compact antenna dimension, light weight, low cost and easy manufacture. Especially, the circular polarized antenna has advantages of good impedance bandwidth, wide radiation wave beam, and high gain. Therefore, the circular polarized antenna can be widely applied to satellite communication and traffic navigation.

Dipole antenna of RF chip

The invention discloses a dipole antenna of an RF chip, comprising two metal sheets, a feeder line and an earth wire, wherein two tabulate metal sheets are mutually parallel and are both provided with short circuit points which are respectively used for connecting the feeder line and the earth wire. The dipole antenna of the RF chip of the invention integrates novel artificial electromagnetic materials, thus the dipole antenna has abundant chromatic dispersion characteristics so as to form various radioactive modes, which not only can avoid fussy impedance matching network, but also can tune by adjusting a feeder line feeding and coupling mode, an earth wire accessing mode, the topological structure of metal microstructure, the position of metalizing through holes as well as the short circuit point position among the feeder line, the earth wire, an upper layer of sheet metal and a lower layer of sheet metal, thus providing great convenience for multiple frequency point impedance matching; meanwhile, the dipole antenna of the invention adopts a chip mode to fully utilize radiating area to approach to the Chu Limit antenna dimension limit principle, the construction of double chips also brings technical advantages for limiting electromagnetic wave and reducing effect on antenna operation by the outside.
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