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Environment protection type silicon solar cell back electric field aluminum pulp and producing method thereof

The invention relates to a manufacturing method of environment-friendly aluminum paste for a silicon solar battery back electric field. The aluminum paste comprises the following components and contents (weight percentage): 50 to 80 percent of aluminum conducting powder, 1 to 10 percent of crown glass binding agent, 0.05 to 5 percent of trivalent metal organic compound, 2 to 15 percent of organic resin, 10 to 25 percent of solvent and 2 to 10 percent of additive. The manufacturing method of the environment-friendly aluminum paste comprises the preparation of a glass binding agent, the preparation of an organic carrier, the formulation of aluminum paste stock and the processing technique of paste stock. The paste stock researched by the invention can not increase or generate substances which are harmful to human bodies and pollute the environment during the production and processing; the lead content of the paste stock is less than 100 ppm; and the contents of other hazardous substances such as Hg, Cd and the like can satisfy the environmental protection requirements. The aluminum past is applied to electrodes in the silicon solar battery back electric field; and the aluminum past has strong adhesion, good ohmic contact, and high conversion efficiency of a battery through the quick heat treatment in a continuous tunnel furnace.

Digital media recognition apparatus and methods

Physical objects, including still and moving images, sound/audio and text are transformed into more compact forms for identification and other purposes using a method unrelated to existing image-matching systems which rely on feature extraction. An auxiliary construct, preferably a warp grid, is associated with an object, and a series of transformations are imposed to generate a unique visual key for identification, comparisons, and other operations. Search methods are also disclosed for matching an unknown image to one previously represented in a visual key database. Broadly, a preferred search method sequentially examines candidate database images for their closeness of match in a sequential order determined by their a priori match probability. Thus, the most likely match candidate is examined first, the next most likely second, and so forth. With respect to the recognition of video sequences and other information streams, inventive holotropic stream recognition principles are deployed, wherein the statistics of the spatial distribution of warp grid points is used to generate index keys. The invention is applicable to various fields of endeavor, including governmental, scientific, industrial, commercial, and recreational object identification and information retrieval. Extensions of the technology are also disclosed to achieve a uniform distribution of objects over the database search, a consideration which is central to scalability. In particular, a generalized method has been developed based on reticle projection, which greatly enhances the uniformity of object distributions in the collected data Thus, whereas statistical criteria are used with respect to particular embodiments in transforming a construct associated with an image, audio, text or other representation, a reticle projection may alternatively be used in attribute transformation according to alternative embodiments of the invention.

Adjustable laser coaxial powder feeding nozzle

The invention discloses an adjustable coaxial laser nozzle for sending powder, comprising a laser head, a protection lens, a water-cooling sleeve for the protection lens and a column laser cavity arranged on the upper part, a coaxial conical laser cavity which is formed by the inner layer of a laser sleeve and arranged in the middle part, wherein a powder cavity, a secondary external protective cavity and an external water-cooling cavity are arranged on the lower part of the external part of the laser sleeve; the powder cavity is formed between the laser sleeve and a power cavity sleeve screwed together; the secondary external protective cavity is formed between the powder cavity and a protective air casing screwed together; the powder cavity and the protective sir casing are screwed together and adjustable between 1mm to 3mm; 4 to 6 power transmitting pipes and 4 to 6 air tubes are respectively positioned around the top parts of the cones of the powder cavity and the protective air cavity. The adjustable coaxial laser nozzle for sending powder has the advantages that the focus length of the focus lamp fit for the coaxial powder-sending nozzle is between 100mm to 300mm, which ensures convenient assembly and disassembly, even velocity, flexible adjustment of the powder converge diameter, convenient changeable lower coaxial conical parts (the powder cavity, the air casing and the water cavity).

Coaxial powder feeding system for quickly molding and producing functional gradient material with laser

The invention relates to a coaxial powder feeding system of laser rapid prototyping preparation function gradient material, comprising a powder inlet device, and the powder is absorbed and conveyed by carrier gas. The powder inlet device is communicated with a powder mixer through a first conveying pipe. The powder mixer is used for mixing the powder which has been conveyed. The mixed powder enters into a powder separate device through a second conveying pie. The powder separate device is used for separating the mixed powder into multi-path. The powder separate device is communicated with the powder inlet of a nozzle through a third conveying pipe. The nozzle makes the multi-path powder flock together in a molten pool formed by laser. The function gradient material is prepared under the cladding action of laser and powder. The mix of the powder is uniform. The coaxial powder feeding system has good power feeding property, which can realize the optimum processing, and at the same time, can be suitable for different processing distances. The powder utilization rate is high. The manufacturing accuracy is good. At the same time, the powder conveying distance can be adjusted with a certain scope, and so the coaxial powder feeding system can not be limited to the manufacturing space.

High performance lithium ionic cell cathode material and method for producing the same

InactiveCN101162775AImprove uniformityImprove overall electrical performanceElectrode manufacturing processesSolventLithium electrode
The present invention belongs to a high-performance lithium-ion battery cathode material and a method for preparing the same; solvent, resin and asphalt are added to a container and graphite grains are then added by stirring; the solvent is steamed out through heating up and decompression to form the graphite coated with resin and asphalt which is then put to an inert atmosphere charring furnace for heat treatment; the graphite is cooled to the cycle process less than 100 DEG C after 1 hour to 10 hours; material is taken out, smashed and sieved to grains with grain diameter less than 5 um; after the accumulated volume fraction of grains is less than 10 percent, the high-performance lithium-ion battery cathode material is achieved. As the graphite grains are covered with mixed high molecular polymer made of resin and asphalt, not only the advantages of the resin and asphalt are used, but also the resin has the characteristics of solving asphalt and having condensation polymerization with asphalt, thereby the uniformity, operability and electrical property of covering the graphite grains are improved. By adjusting the proportion of asphalt to resin and controlling the specific surface area of covering graphite grains, the invention has different cycle stability and multiplying power property.

Vacuumizing-electroosmosis-stacking combined soft-foundation consolidating system and method

A vacuumizing-electroosmosis-stacking combined soft-foundation consolidating system consists of telescopic water drainage electrodes, a conductive circuit, a direct-current power supply, horizontal water drainage pipes and a vacuum pump, wherein the water drainage electrodes, the conductive circuit and the horizontal drainage pipes are all arranged below a vacuum film, and the telescopic water drainage electrodes with telescopic upper ends are capable of being powered on and draining water. A vacuumizing-electroosmosis-stacking combined soft-foundation consolidating method includes the technical steps of arranging plastic water drainage plates and the water drainage electrodes, connecting the horizontal water drainage pipes and leads, paving geotextile, performing vacuumizing, electroosmosis and stacking preloading, and compressing the water drainage electrodes and the like. By the vacuumizing-electroosmosis-stacking combined soft-foundation consolidating system, the difficult problem of combination of electroosmosis, vacuum preloading and stacking preloading is solved, and three foundation treatment methods of electroosmosis, vacuum preloading and stacking preloading are combined so that the vacuumizing-electroosmosis-stacking combined soft-foundation consolidating method is particularly suitable for silt-based soft foundation with low osmotic coefficient and capable of shortening foundation treatment period and improving treatment effect greatly and is an economic and practical soft-foundation treatment method.

Pixel circuit and drive method thereof as well as display panel

The invention discloses a pixel circuit and relates to the technical field of organic light emitting display. The grid of a first switch transistor of the circuit is connected with a grid line, the source of the first switch transistor is connected with a data line and the drain of the first switch transistor is connected with a first end of a first storage capacitor; the grid of a third switch transistor is connected with the grid line, the source of the third switch transistor is connected with a power line and the drain of the third switch transistor is connected with a first end of a second storage capacitor; the grid of a drive transistor is connected with the second end of the first storage capacitor and a second end of a second storage capacitor, the source of the drive transistor is connected with the first end of the second storage capacitor and the cathode of an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) device so as to provide a drive current for the OLED device, and the anode of the OLED device is connected with the power line. The invention further discloses a drive method and an OLED panel. According to the invention, by compensating the drift of the threshold voltage of the drive transistor, the uniformity of the current flowing through the OLED device is improved, and the display effect is enhanced.
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