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Active matrix is a type of addressing scheme used in flat panel displays. In this method of switching individual elements (pixels), each pixel is attached to a transistor and capacitor actively maintaining the pixel state while other pixels are being addressed, in contrast with the older passive matrix technology in which each pixel must maintain its state passively, without being driven by circuitry.

Thin film device transfer method, thin film device, thin film integrated circuit device, active matrix board, liquid crystal display, and electronic apparatus

A thin film device fabrication method in which a thin film device formed on a substrate are transferred to a primary destination-of-transfer part and then the thin film device is transferred to a secondary destination-of-transfer part. A first separation layer (120) made of such a material as amorphous silicon is provided on a substrate (100) which allows passage of laser. A thin film device (140) such as TFTs are formed on the substrate (100). Further, a second separation layer (160) such as a hot-melt adhesive layer is formed on the thin film devices (140), and a primary destination-of-transfer part (180) is mounted thereon. The bonding strength of the first separation layer is weakened by irradiation with light, and the substrate (100) is removed. Thus, the thin film device (140) is transferred to the primary destination-of-transfer part. Then, a secondary destination-of-transfer part (200) is attached onto the bottom of an exposed part of the thin film device (140) via an adhesive layer (190). Thereafter, the bonding strength of the second separation layer is weakened by such means as thermal fusion, and the primary destination-of-transfer part is removed. In this manner, the thin film device (140) can be transferred to the secondary destination-of-transfer part (200) while maintaining layering relationship with respect to the substrate (100).
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