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Electronic paper display device, manufacturing method and driving method thereof

An electronic paper display device, a manufacturing method and a driving method thereof are disclosed. Micro protrusion members are formed at electrodes or at insulating layers. Consequently, the electrophoretic particles are prevented from being securely attached to an upper or the lower structure, and therefore, the quality of pictures is improved, and the contrast ratio of the pictures is increased. The relative sizes and the injection amounts of two kinds of electrophoretic particles are changed such that the relative sizes and the injection amounts of the electrophoretic particles are different from each other. Consequently, the driving voltage is lowered by excessively electrifying the electrophoretic particles of one kind. Protrusions are formed at the corresponding electrode such that a relatively large electric field is distributed around the electrode at which electrophoretic particles are located in the initial stage of voltage application. Consequently, the electrophoretic particles are easily separated from the electrode and moved even at low driving voltage. As such, the voltage level of the driving voltage pulse is lowered. Consequently, it is possible to further increase the response speed of the driving devices and to lower the internal voltage of the devices, thereby reducing the costs related to the driving devices.
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