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High speed low power magnetic devices based on current induced spin-momentum transfer

The present invention generally relates to the field of magnetic devices for memory cells that can serve as non-volatile memory. More specifically, the present invention describes a high speed and low power method by which a spin polarized electrical current can be used to control and switch the magnetization direction of a magnetic region in such a device. The magnetic device comprises a pinned magnetic layer with a fixed magnetization direction, a free magnetic layer with a free magnetization direction, and a read-out magnetic layer with a fixed magnetization direction. The pinned magnetic layer and the free magnetic layer are separated by a non-magnetic layer, and the free magnetic layer and the read-out magnetic layer are separated by another non-magnetic layer. The magnetization directions of the pinned and free layers generally do not point along the same axis. The non-magnetic layers minimize the magnetic interaction between the magnetic layers. A current is applied to the device to induce a torque that alters the magnetic state of the device so that it can act as a magnetic memory for writing information. The resistance, which depends on the magnetic state of the device, is measured to thereby read out the information stored in the device.

Apparatus and method for communicating voice and data between a customer premises and a central office

A method and apparatus are provided for communicating data across a communication link, in a manner that senses and dynamically adapts to the simultaneous transmission of voice information across the local loop. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, a method is provided for dynamically communicating data over a local loop using a modem comprising the steps of transmitting data in a full-band transmission state, sensing a band-limiting condition, and adjusting the transmission of data from the full-band transmission state to a bandlimited transmission state, in response to the sensing step. In accordance with the method, data may be transmitted by the modem across the local loop at the same time that voice information is communicated via telephone across the same local loop. A significant aspect of the present invention is the dynamic allocation of the data transmission bandwidth, whereby the invention senses a condition indicative of whether voice information is being communicated. If so, then the system shifts and / or narrows the data transmission bandwidth to allow for voice communications without interference from or with the data transmission. However, when no voice information is being communicated, the invention dynamically allocates the data transmission bandwidth to utilize at least a portion, if not all, of the frequency band otherwise used for communicating voice information.
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