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Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system

A method and an apparatus measure blood oxygenation in a subject. A first signal source applies a first input signal during a first time interval. A second signal source applies a second input signal during a second time interval. A detector detects a first parametric signal responsive to the first input signal passing through a portion of the subject having blood therein. The detector also detects a second parametric signal responsive to the second input signal passing through the portion of the subject. The detector generates a detector output signal responsive to the first and second parametric signals. A signal processor receives the detector output signal and demodulates the detector output signal by applying a first demodulation signal to a signal responsive to the detector output signal to generate a first output signal responsive to the first parametric signal. The signal processor applies a second demodulation signal to the signal responsive to the detector output signal to generate a second output signal responsive to the second parametric signal. The first demodulation signal and the second demodulation signal both include at least a first component having a first frequency and a first amplitude and a second component having a second frequency and a second amplitude. The second frequency is a harmonic of the first frequency. The second amplitude is related to the first amplitude to minimize crosstalk from the first parametric signal to the second output signal and to minimize crosstalk from the second parametric signal to the first output signal.

Nomadic translator or router

A nomadic router or translator enables a laptop computer or other portable terminal which is configured to be connected to a home network to be connected to any location on the internet or other digital data communication system. The router automatically and transparently re-configures the terminal to its new location and processes outgoing and incoming data. The router includes a processor which appears as the home network to the terminal, and appears as the terminal to the communication system. The terminal has a permanent address, the router has a router or translator address, and the terminal transmits outgoing data to the system including the permanent address as a source address. The processor translates the outgoing data by replacing the permanent address with the router address as the source address. The terminal receives incoming data from the system including the router address as a destination address, and the processor translates the incoming data by replacing the router address with the permanent address as the destination address. Alternatively, the terminal can be directly connected to a point on a local network, and the router connected to another point on the network. The router can be employed to implement numerous applications including nomadic e-mail, network file synchronizer, database synchronizer, instant network, nomadic internet and trade show router and can also be utilized as a fixed nomadic router.
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