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Method and system for power management including device controller-based device use evaluation and power-state control

A method and system for power management including device controller-based device use evaluation and power-state control provides improved performance in a power-managed processing system. Per-device usage information is measured and evaluated during process execution and is retrieved from the device controller upon a context switch, so that upon reactivation of the process, the previous usage evaluation state can be restored. The device controller can then provide for per-process control of attached device power management states without intervention by the processor and without losing the historical evaluation state when a process is switched out. The device controller can control power-saving states of connected devices in conformity with the usage evaluation without processor intervention and across multiple process execution slices. The device controller may be a memory controller and the controlled devices memory modules or banks within modules if individual banks can be power-managed. Local thresholds provide the decision-making mechanism for each controlled device. The thresholds may be history-based, fixed or adaptive and are generally set initially by the operating system and may be updated by the memory controller adaptively or using historical collected usage evaluation counts or alternatively by the operating system via a system processor.

Method and apparatus for reading and controlling electric power consumption

An electro-optical, automatic meter reader for enabling a consumer to view and manage power consumption through a browser. A sensor attached to a bracket is mounted to the outside cover of a utility meter without modification of the meter or removal of its housing. A data-collector stores data obtained from the sensor via a serial port which may also provide power for the sensor, thus avoiding use of a dedicated power supply. The data-collector connects to a computer which provides a centralized object through which to view and manage power consumption. The real-time and combined historic data can be used to forecast whether usage will fall above or below a predetermined usage level at the end of a given period of time. In response to a forecast exceeding the level, the computer displays the appropriate graph in a red colored bar within a quantity vs. time chart. The computer may control power consuming devices. A communication system may be established to the system for remote management by the consumer or by the utility company for its own billing and management purposes.

Data center equipment cabinet information center and updateable asset tracking system

ActiveUS8917513B1Easy and less-expensive to manageEasy to operateFurniture partsLogisticsInterior spaceControl power
A cabinet frame enclosure is provided having a first side wall, a second side wall, a first opening and a second opening each in combination defining an interior space for accommodating a plurality of equipment, the equipment being removable through the first opening. A plurality of functional modules are provided such as: an asset tracking module for detecting the presence or absence of the equipment from the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure, the asset tracking module disposed in the first side wall adjacent the first opening; an access control module for providing electronic locking and access control to the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure; an environmental management module for monitoring and controlling environmental conditions within the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure; a power management module for monitoring and controlling power distribution to equipment located in the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure, the power management module disposed in one of the first side wall or second side wall and adjacent the second opening; and a cabinet control module (CCM) for providing consolidated connectivity to the plurality of functional modules, wherein the CCM presents a single network connection for managing the equipment located in the cabinet frame enclosure.

Endoscopic ultrasonic surgical aspirator for use in fluid filled cavities

ActiveUS20070162050A1Minimize damping vibrationVibration minimizationDiagnosticsSurgeryControl powerMedicine
An ultrasonic horn assembly is configured so that irrigating fluid can be supplied only to a vibrating tip portion of the ultrasonic horn and so that suction aspiration can occur through a portion of the ultrasonic horn not in contact with the irrigating fluid. Controllers supplying irrigation fluid during a surgical procedure and controlling suction aspiration via monitoring of fluid level in the patient cavity are operatively coupled one to another to coordinate control of the fluid level in the patient cavity. Circuitry controlling power, frequency and amplitude of the tip of the ultrasonic horn occurring as a result of operation of a source of ultrasonic signal generating power controls either or both the supply of irrigation fluid and the suction aspiration so as to minimize damping of vibration of the tip of the ultrasonic horn. An optical viewing element is provided to view the tip of the ultrasonic horn.
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